1. avatar ClayPeterFace
    i'm looking for a cheap guitar amp, have a preamp which supplies all my distorion needs, so anyone know of a range of cheap, loud, clean amps?
  2. avatar antojasper
    What kind of price?

    Tube or Solid state?

    Number Johnny Five Need input....
  3. avatar ClayPeterFace
    cheap as possible, i.e. less than £200
    therefore, solid state, i would have thought.
    Tis not actually for me, but another geetarist, i think he's happy with his sound but just needs loudness, but would prefer going through a guitar cab than di'ing into a PA.

    So i thought there must be a range of amps that do very little except amplify, for a reasonable price... is there?
  4. avatar Pete
    He'd be better buying a smaller amp and driving it hard to get the tone. It can always be mic'ed up in a live situation. There are too many guitarists around with huge amps that they never get above 3 or 4 on the scale... the tone of an amp only really starts to kick in at about 7/8!!

    Any amp will colour your sound, unless you get avery clean power amp... but they are more expensive than guitar amps!

    Is it a metal, rock or blues type guitar sound he is after??
  5. avatar antojasper
    There are more ways to play the guitar than

    Metal, Rock or Blues....

    like reggae, soul, funk, Jazz and Even [i]country[/i]!

    Fender do a couple of good 30 watt size amps that can take a good kickin' for under a hundred 'n' fifty

    I've also heard good things about those wee 20 watt Marshalls Edited by: antojasper at: 5/9/03 12:24:16 pm
  6. avatar ClayPeterFace
    he'll be playing rock/metal type stuff.

    a decent wee amp is an excellent idea, actually, i used to have a 30watt fender and it sounded fantastic.

  7. avatar Pete
    I was just thowing a few genres out to get the ball rolling

    Hughes and Kettner make great amps in the £200 range, Club Reverb being one model from memory...
  8. avatar antojasper
    Keep it country... :lol

    Daithi always played a wee Fender Champion 30 watt job and it sounded pretty good and took a lot of abuse.

    Sound engineers love it when you have a wee small amp that they can mike up without risking their expensive mics, having their wee diaphragms ripped to bits.

    Also you can't turn your amp up in the middle of the set - which is guaranteed to piss them off. Edited by: antojasper at: 5/9/03 3:59:08 pm
  9. avatar Daithi jasper
    What they always loved was the way when I hit my distortion pedal it was louder than the clean sound. "You're supposed to have them clean and distorted at a balanced level!" - Nah, I don't like doing that, or "Anto, your sound is really trebly and squeally, and I can't seem to fix it" - Yeah, thats cause every time you move something on the mixing desk I feck with my amp to ensure treble. They love that... I got that Fender Champion for about £125 and its done alright by me, had it years.