1. avatar iamshameless
    sooo chance to get a new amp for my 18th (wanted to ask for a car but you cant have everything) so i was thinking instead of getting an amp that has mabye 1 or 2 good sounds i could get one that does most things and can be used for recoding and mabye the odd wee gig if im a lucky boy

    im sure i read before that a few of you like the line6 flextones, so what are they like and are they loud

    oh and have you any experience of the vox valvetronix

  2. avatar feline1
    I want to get a Fender Twin Reverb for my clavinet.
    But they cost over a grand.
    I think I should turn to a life of cryme
  3. avatar Pete
    The flextones are great... best person to speak to is EPK, if I remember correctly he has one....

    And remember volume isn't everything, its better to have a smaller amp pushed to the max than have a large amp sitting at just past "2" !!
    Soundguys will love you for it...
  4. avatar EPK
    The Flextones are excellent...and loud enough.
    My Flextone 2 is 100 watts into 2 X 12, and I've used it for all styles of music. there's probably nothing to touch it at the current knockdown price.
    Trouble is, you need a floorboard to get the best out of 'em.
    They should be cheaper now they're discontinued, though.
  5. avatar iamshameless
    well i wasnt gonna get a flextone 2, seeing im not payin for it
    so i think i'll be getting the update and i'll just buy the floorboard to go with it

  6. avatar MenAmongstKings
    we use a fender twin reverb in the band and its amazing!! such an amp..... luckly our lead guitarists dead uncle (god bless his soul) left it to him, along with a 69 gibson les paul gold top and a 72 fender tele slim neck (natural wood, hollow body, crazy scratch plate, very rare) lucky guy!!