1. avatar nickhealy
    adivce required!

    ive got a epi les paul and im jsut no longer satisfied with the gibson pickups that were supplied with it so i need advice in what i should maybe do with them and which to go for to get that real authentic les paul sound

  2. avatar EPK
    For that sound, get a set of DiMarzio classic PAFs. Like I did.
    If your pickups are doing that epiphone microphonic feedback squealy thing then waxdip them.
  3. avatar nickhealy
    ah good
    are those available to buy from anywhere in belfast or do i have to order them or wha?

    hmm..wax dipping - wont that get the insides all messy and mankin?
  4. avatar EPK
    That's the point. The wax solidifies and stops the winding vibrating and screaming. It's a common procedure.
    I got my pickups from some place in England.
    I'll tell you when I remember.
  5. avatar nickhealy