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    Logic Audio Platinum (Mac - G4) with ProTools hardware (d24 card-TDM system), with the ADAT bridge as my i/o.
    O2R as mixer.


    Can't get the ADAT bridge to record/playback at 44.1k.
    I go to the DAE hardware page, change to 44.1, make clock source internal, and all it does is flash the 48k light on the bridge on and off and I get the dreaded digital not-clocking properly noise.

    Also recently it has refused to change to the S/PDIF input on the bridge, so when I try to digitally import from DAT I get the clock noise along with the signal.

    Is there any way of re-initialising the ADAT bridge like you can do with ADAT machines?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.