1. avatar mikey fusz
    I am currently bidding on one of these on ebay for about a tenner.
    Just wondering if anyone knows anything about these cos as it's kinda cheap I was wondering was it maybe a bundle o'pish??
  2. avatar antojasper
    Other effects are different, but I 've used a load of cheap and dear, Chorus pedals and never noticed a great deal of difference between them,

    So walt away, I say!
  3. avatar ssmcmullan
    i have one that i bought new for £40, i didn't know anything bout them when i got it, never even asked to try it, it's not that good, kinda fake sound to it, there is a big quality diference in this compared to dearer choruses.
    although most of these ppl disagree:
    [url="http://www.harmony-central.com/Effects/Data/Rocktek/CHR01_Chorus-01.html"]Rocktek chorus reviews[/url] Edited by: ssmcmullan at: 29/7/03 1:30 pm
  4. avatar feline1
    Roktecckck are cheap and nasty,
    I dunno if they still make 'em,
    but in the 90s they used to retail for about £30 new!

    I still use a Rocktekk metal werker pedal to this day
    as I have never found anything else which makes my
    bass pedals scream quite so mentally.
    In fact, I have two of them!! They're just SO trashy.....

    I also have a Rocktek compressor pedal, which is schite.
  5. avatar mikey fusz
    [quote]They're just SO trashy.....[/quote]

    [quote].......... scream quite so mentally.[/quote]

    [quote]I also have a Rocktek compressor pedal, which is schite. [/quote]

    Ah but in a good way like???
  6. avatar feline1
    The compressor is just schite in a schite way.
    Virtually useless, frankly.
    But it only cost me £30 or sthg about 10 years ago so i shed no tears.

    The Metal Workers do disgusting distortion in a quite invaluable way, which is why I bought a second one! The drawback is that they are hideously noisy, but I have reduced this a lot by using a better powersupply (MTR)

    I dunno what the chorus was like - I would guess "not especially lush and rather noisy" - but if ewe want sthg better then buy a more expensive ElectroHarmonix or Roland unit....