1. avatar zebulon
    So I'm playing away and my amp is crackling a fair bit.
    It sounded like maybe the guitar lead was knackered, but nothing could be found.
    Then, gradually as the crackling got worse, it just started to emit a rather loud "Bllllaaaaarrrrrr" noise.
    I haven't take the back off the amp or the cab to check for dry joints yet, and I don't have any spare valves to swap out either.

    It's an old 100w valve head.

    Anyone got any thoughts on what may be occuring?
  2. avatar antojasper
    YOur amp has been possessed by the spirit of John Smith, late erstwhile leader of the Labour party, inorder to vocalise his protest at the current direction of the party.

    Hence the cries of "Bllllaaaaaarrrrrrr!"
  3. avatar zebulon
    I suspected this, and so I attempted to 'deprogramme' it by speaking positively about privatization and the need for go fox hunting and hereditary peers.

    The amp remained unmoved.
  4. avatar feline1
    If it's any consolation, my valve compressor makes a wretched "plutching" noise when switched, and is hissing far more than I find reasonable.
    I think this may be ahine.
  5. avatar iamshameless
    when was the last time you put new valves in it?
    it could be that
  6. avatar zebulon
    I checked the valaves on Saturday there and one of them had some suspicious scoring and discolouration on the inside of the glass, plus a piece of metal floating about loose, so I replaced it.
    I haven't got to play the bass through it, but ten minutes cranked with a guitar revealed no nasty noises.
    Happy days.