1. avatar MenAmongstKings
    no idea of the model...... it has an equalizer and is pretty powerfull..... (sorry i'm new at this)...... but this is whats wrong.... went to play the other night at practise and on the first note the power cut out.... nothing at all..... we couldnt find anything wrong...... nothing obvious anyway..... and ideas?? cheers
  2. avatar feline1
    You can most likely determine the amp's model number not by having 'ideas', but by looking at the writing on it (on the front. and, of course, the back...)

    what's wrong with it is probably that it is broken in some way. if I were you, I would get it fixed. In a shop.
    But you could check the fuses first, just in case they blew due to a power surge...
  3. avatar Pete
    Sounds like a fuse.... try turning the volume down next time!!

    And get a surge protecter as well...
  4. avatar no coffee no workee
    The fuse on most Laney stuff is in a little recessed port beside the mains.
    If you're lucky there should also be a spare fuse in there too.
    It's a 1 or 3 amp fuse if I remember right.
    Plugging active basses into the passive input can tend to blow the fuse.
  5. avatar MenAmongstKings
    cheers lads.... i do have an active bass.... and as far as i can remember it was in the passive input..... its not my amp u see.... its our lead guitarists..... i'm too skint to have a decent amp..... so its more than likely a fuse then?
  6. avatar feline1
    fuses blow for a reason though ...
  7. avatar MenAmongstKings
    well why do u think it blew?
  8. avatar Pete
    Could be hundreds of things... if it keeps happening get it to a professional. Session Music should look at it for you...
  9. avatar feline1
    yes otherwise ewe may end up electrocuted