1. avatar iamshameless
    Oh yeah first post, hello everyone!
    The other day i looked at johhny greenwood and thought, man a telecaster plus would be great, but they dont make them anymore and theyre a bugger to track down, so i was thinking of modding a standard squier tele into one of these beasts

    Only problem is i was wondering where i could get a bridge that wouldfit a humbucker and how hard it is to rout wood out

  2. avatar antojasper
    Wood is easy to rout if you have a really good router, a really good router bit, and about 20 years wood routing experience.

    Otherwise get a joiner to do it.

    Or If you were Steve from the New Yankee Workshop, you would just put it in your Telecaster humbucker routing maschine and then take it out the other end.
  3. avatar Jim Cava
    Routing isnt that difficult as long as youre very careful.One idea is to make a jig and rout with that-it can be worth the extra time involved if it helps you do a perfect job.
    If you were to get someone to do it for you may I suggest that a luthier/instrument repairperson might be a better choice than a joiner,tho most joiners would be able to do it.A luthier will be able to help you out with any other problems that you may encounter.