1. avatar mikey fusz
    Primarily I am a guitar player but I have a heightening interest in drumming.
    Not for anything serious like but just to teach meself some stuff.
    Anyone else have one of these electronic kits or know anyone who has one.
    If so, what are they like?
  2. avatar ChaosInEden
    I have a koby electronic kit, which isn't bad.
    I've played the Roland TD-8 and the Yamaha DTX-Press and between the two, the roland is better cause of the surfaces of the pads being better designed, they are mesh(canvas type material) instead of hard rubber pads, which allows for better stick sounds and response from playing but the kits cost around a grand.

    The DTX-Press is also a good option, and still gives a really good sound regardless of the heads, the sound is surprisingly good.
    The DTX-Press is around 750-850 new depending on where you shop it can cost less or more (obviously).

    My Koby is made by some independant guys and is second hand.
    It's set out like a fourpiece kit and has about seven or so cymbal pads.
    I'll have to admit though that the response from the pads is not as good as either of the brands above.

    If your lucky you could pick up a DTX for about 400-500 2nd hand, the TD-8 would be around 800 2nd hand and mine used by a church before me and the guy who played it chose all the pieces he wanted on it when he bought it.
    So I think the chances of you finding one like mine would be slim.
    I'm actually thinking of selling my kit cause I've bills to pay.
    You can let me know if you are interested, and I'll consider the selling of it.

    Any more questions about other things just let me know.