1. avatar feline1
    Yes but has anyone any suggestions/recommendations about where I could get about 100 megs of webspace from?
    Tripod UK have now started putting this completely ahine "sponsored links" banner down the side of www.felinedream.co.uk
    .....the site is over 60 megs at the mo.....
    Tripod are free but I think they're now too ahine :_(
  2. avatar Pete
    David, may I recommend Burton Hosting..

    For just £40 you can get 250Mb!! And loads of bandwidth and other goodies.

    [url="http://www.burtonhosting.co.uk/packages/?select=personalValue"]All the info here...[/url]
  3. avatar feline1
    Flippsakes, only £20 per cat per annum fer all that!
    Feck Tripod already!
    Thanks for the tip off.....
  4. avatar theafterglowonline
    no probs