1. avatar Skapocalyptic
    Right due to the MANY hassles of sharing a pc with my brother, i've decided to use a pc upstairs instead, really simple questions here that i just need trustworthy answers for before i spend any more money

    okay, i need to network the pc's somehow, unless there is another way to run both through one broadband terminal, what equipment do i need, cables, ethernet cards and such

    cheers, dave
  2. avatar Pete
    Who do you use for your broadband provider??

    Its all easily done, I have a nice happy home network with 3 computers running off NTL broadband and I've also set up networks revolving around BT based ADSL connections too.

    Once I know which provider you use I can tell you exactly what you need
  3. avatar Skapocalyptic
    at the minute @#%$ Telecom, thinking about a swift change to ntl or blue yonder though, this has all came about due to purchasing a GeForce FX 5200 and not being assed to send it back, it has to go into the dell upstairs so i'm going to use it instead, better computer anyways, just need to get it onto bb