1. avatar batgranny
    Alright all.

    I'm looking to invest in some serious nearfield monitors for my PC (£150+), but I don't really know where to start.
    Can any of you lot give me any hints about where I could get some?

    N.B I'm looking to get speakers that can be plugged directly into my soundcard, not through a mixer.
  2. avatar antojasper

    It's quite good, and I have seen what you want in there.

    [quote]Product Title: TANNOY REVEAL PASSIVE PAIR
    Product Price (+ VAT): £149.50
    Product Code: 412-250

    MONITOR The distinctive front panel of the Tannoy Reveal is not just for show. The curved baffle has been precisely designed to reduce diffraction. At 40mm thick it is massive enough to provide the most rigid mounting platform for the 165mm (6.5inch) long throw driver. The tweeter is a 25mm soft domed variety which unlike it's Japanese counterparts, sounds very accurate and uncoloured. The cabinet design is bass reflex which accounts for its high efficiency. Power handling 50 watts (100 watts programme). The Reveal has a detailed dynamic sound with a wide flat response. The drivers are magnetically shielded so can be used close to video monitors. Finish: Red satin finish front, grey suedette vinyl sides and back. Dimensions 340mm H x 210mm W x 260mm D. Sold as a pair.
    Order Quantity Price/Unit

    1+ £149.50

    2+ £145.00[/quote]

    They're in there under studio monitors
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