1. avatar stratodude
    Any one comment on the mesa Vtwin pedal preamp.Their kinda pricey even second hand ,are they worth it .My amps so clean ,and I've tried various pedals ,TS7,H&K Tube factor (the best yet ) Boss various ,Jakel and Hyde to name a few and they don't do it for me, still sound like fuzz boxes.Just wondered if someone has experience of a Vtwin and could comment.I thought the tube factor was the best but still lacked enough gain for lead without turning the output up ,and then when u play clean the volume is much less on ur amp ,crap really.
    Cheers T.
  2. avatar EPK
    I've always thought the V-twin was the mutt's nuts.
    I heard it a feww years ago and it certainly didn't sound like a pedal.
    Check out users comments [url="http://www.harmony-central.com/Guitar/Data/Mesa_Boogie/V_Twin_Tube_Preamp_Pedal-01.html"]here[/url]
  3. avatar Riffmaster Steve
    Depends on your amp though, obviously... what is it?

  4. avatar stratodude
    Steve , its the musicman hd130, clean sound,tranny preamp with valves in power stage .Sounds great clean but cant get that distorted sound i want.I tried the vtwin incidently the other day.To me it was a dissapointment.The low strings were breakin up not tight sound.Maybe thats boogie sound ,not for me i guess.
  5. avatar EPK
    Breaking up? I've certainly never heard anything like that before...
  6. avatar moody yuhoody
    My first post!
    Damn all that digital gunk to hades , buy a WEM Copycat reverb and stick a pencil in yur speaker cone.One sound fits all mmmmmmmmmmmm