1. avatar theafterglowonline
    Ok, i play a strat or an epi LP through a DSL 100 head. I want more of a dynamic sound when playing live. What pedals will give me this? Not multi effects tho.
  2. avatar Pete
    what do you mean by dynamic? Extra drive? modulation? delay?
  3. avatar theafterglowonline
    What are the most commonly purchased effects pedals
  4. avatar EPK
    This is starting to seem like a surreal game show.
  5. avatar antojasper
    Without resorting to expensive pedals:

    Get a heavier gauge of string,

    Check your pickup heights,


    Wise up - who ever used the word dynamic to describe a guitar sound?
  6. avatar theafterglowonline
    Can one of the mods delete this thread please. Thanks
  7. avatar Pete
    Bit harsh there Antojasper, give the guy a break...

    Alan, not sure how much help I can give with me being a lowly 4-string player, but I can give you a run down on what the morph guitarists use (and they get a good sound).

    Stephen plays strats and a dearmond starfire through a JCM800, so not dissimilar to your DSL. In terms of extra drive he uses a Boss OD-2 (its pretty much a standard, most people will have one at some point). He also has an Ibanez tube screamer that he uses to give things a bit more "beef" when he wants a lead part/melody to cut through. To even things out (especially with the ebow and slide work) he has an MXR Dynacomp compressor. Delay comes from a old Boss DM2 (from memory) and for a bit of tremolo there is a Boss TR-2. There is a volume pedal, but can't remember the make...

    Richard is a bit more of pedal nut and has oodles of the things. But I'll limit the description to what is currently sitting in his pedal board... he plays a Tele and an SG through a Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue (upgraded with Jensen Speaker)

    For overdrive sounds he has a Marshall Guvnor and an OD-2 (extra bite for solos comes from the lead channel on his amp). Delays and Modulation effects (chorus, tremolo, flange) are handled by the excellent Line 6 DL4 and MM4 stompbox modellers ... they really are the bees knees. There's another MXR Dynacomp in there and a Jim Dunlop Crybaby.

    Both the guys (and me) have Boss TU2 Tuner pedals as well (these act as power supply distibution for everything else as well as being very good tuners)

    Any questions, just drop me a line...
  8. avatar antojasper
    Truly I was harsh and I am sorry.

    Dynamic is just one of those meaningless buzzwords used by
    management consultants etc.



    "my strat's [i]twangy[/i] as @#%$...


    "that guitar needs more [i]jerngt[/i]..."

    are just a selection of descreptive guitar sound terms which will be immediately understood by other guitarists across the world.

    Dynamic is a word that just gets on my tits, and I couldn't help reacting to it.

    very sorry for offence

    Also my original advice stands
    changing the gauge, say from superlight to light makes a big change in the punch (there's another one) delivered.
    Even different makes of string can really have different responses at different tones and this differs for different guitars.

    If you don't mind what strings do you currently use

    and checking your pickup height is always a good idea.
    - basically as high as you can get it without the magnets affecting the string vibration. Edited by: antojasper at: 5/6/03 6:24:39 pm
  9. avatar Suki Monster
    I gave up on pedals for live gigs as they just get in the way.but i use a dsl with an American lonestar strat (humbuckers) and i get the most rawkin sound u have ever heard in your life ;)
    pedals are for shoe gazers ;)
  10. avatar Niall Harden
    i contest that:

    jaguar >> compressor >> danowah >> small stone phaser >> Boss super OD >> RAT >> ultra fuzz >> nobels tremolo >> line 6 delay >> amp

  11. avatar moorso
    Pop Machine's guitarist (Dave) goes through his Marshall pedal board then to a wah straight into the amp for live shows, but in rehearsal he plays through a Boss Distort and then his cry-baby wah.