1. avatar ChaosInEden
    Does anybody know if the packages that places like Digital Village and Jigsaw are any good.
    I'm gonna start putting together some equipment so I can record at home.
    I'm gonna get an audio PC put together, with a decent soundcard in it, then get me some monitors and a couple of good mics and maybe a midi controller.

    Because I'm making the PC my first purchase, Does anybody know of any good packages out there, that'll include a decent set-up along with soundcard and and audio editor i.e. something like cubase or pro tools.

    I've seen those Mac packages with OSX and Pro Tools, but not too sure what something like that would really cost....

    Does anybody have any good advice???

    p.s. I won't be changing my computer, this audio PC/Mac will be purely used for recording on, nothing else.
  2. avatar Pete
    All I can say is that it would probably be cheaper to build a PC yourself...

    But I think that a dedicated MAC system would be pretty sweet. If I had the money I'd go for that as the hub of my home/project studio solution. But it will probably be more expensive than a PC.
  3. avatar ChaosInEden
    yeah, but it's pissing me off thinking if i get a pretty new mac it's gonna be OSX which means not only is there less mac plugins than PC but because alot of the plugins, etc only work with OS9 means that it decreases the quantity again.

    Damn Apple!!! :evil

    Anyway, Mac would appear to be the best choice, i think i will get pro Tools as well, it'll be like a super computer, I'll make sure i save p.l.e.n.t.y. of money so I can get century, digital or jigsaw to do me a deal on a package....god the waiting will be immense...... :o
  4. avatar ClayPeterFace
    yeah, you can either spend a lot of money and get a mac and protools or you can spend less money and get a PC for which you'll be able to find dodgy software on the net (although i would certainly never advocate such recklessly illegal behaviour). If I had money to burn, I'd go for the former, but I don't, so I settle for the latter. it all depends on yer budget.
  5. avatar Suki Monster
    Definatly go for the mac option. I went for the titanium power book and the m box and it is rock solid.Buy the original software when u can as crack stuff will only cause you lots of trouble,
  6. avatar dee shoegazers
    My first post!
    Here comes the argument about PCs and Macs again.

    I built my own PC about 3 years ago and I have not had a single problem with it yet. As long as you use it soley for music, get a fast enough processor and loads of RAM (512 is ample), you're flying. There are, as you say, far more plugins available for PC, and there is none of the paying 2 million squid to get it fixed by the only person in Belfast/Ireland who fixes macs, should anything go wrong. The argument between macs and pcs used to be valid, but it definitely is not any more.

    By my reckoning, you could put together a @#%$ hot audio PC for about £800 now, depending on your soundcard. As far as recording on a computer goes, everything depends on the soundcard. And to take advantage of a good soundcard, you also need good mics outside ad a good mixer/preamp.

    A PC is the cheaper option, but it doesn't make it any less reliable, sturdy or flexible. Mac users are snobby f***s. You definitely do not need a mac to make music, unless you're a @#%$ new romantic ponce.

    Lots of love,