1. avatar Pete
    The guy I normally use for all my guitar setup needs (Jim Barr) has retired from doing such work, I found out this evening.

    So anyone have any recommendations on who to go to for a setup on my takamine acoustic bass? The action needs lowered a touch and the intonation is out so the saddle piece will need adjusting...

    Its a bit urgent, we have a few "unplugged" sets coming up so I need it done in the next week to ten days...
  2. avatar EPK
    Dennis Currie. 38 335666 (Portadown) I think.
    If not, I'm sure Professor Longhair can give the right number
  3. avatar Pete
    Yeah, I have Dennis' number, but he normally takes a fortnight or so to do the work, that's my past experience anyway. Its good when you get it done, but I have a gig in less than two weeks...

    Anyone in Belfast??
  4. avatar feline1
    Personally I just do these things myself,
    and then cope with the intonation problems by bending the strings.
    It's no bother to me at all,
    and has the added bonus that feline2 can't play my bass cos it's out of tune ;-)
  5. avatar professor longhair
    Sorry this is a bit late but I use this guy

    Pete Griffith
    028 92652617

    He'll get a motor on for ya if yer in a rush, alternativly you could leave with me here in the shop and i'll get it out to him with a " hurry the @#%$ up sticker on it"
  6. avatar Pete
    can he do it for tomorrow night?

    Don't worry, I'm gonna struggle through the gig with it as it is tomorrow night. It sounds great, its just not the nicest playing instrument in the world. Although I guess I'm just spoilt by the quality of my electric basses.

    Dennis Curry has taken a look at it and said he can fix it up for me the week after the gig, in preparation for the next one!

    I will keep that name and number in mind for the future though, I'm hopefully getting a fretless bass in the next week or two and I'll be wanting new pickups and a bit of a setup on it.