1. avatar Flatyre
    Your Starter for 10:

    I'm looking for a new acoustic geetar, maybe a semi. I can afford 250 - 300 tops. Any Suggestions?

    And for a bonus and a chance on the Gold Run, If I change my mind and go for an electric, what quality axe would the same spondoolies get me?

    Thank you please.
  2. avatar antojasper
    Many people who know me also know my Da.

    In particular they have played my Da's guitar.
    Which is a Kimbara but is widely considered to be an excellent guitar and is now almost 20 years old and is still and excellent guitar despite years of general abuse, but only cost him about 100 quid.

    My Da also bought me my Fender A-30 which is a truly fantastic and excellent guitar and cost 130 quid.

    This wold suggest my da has a knack for picking excellent acoustic guitars that are v. cheap.

    So the point....

    is the other day My Da says to me
    there's a new range of guitars in Matchetts, made in Australia, called Ayrs or something similar.
    My da had been in and had tryed out a few, admittedly drowned out by the Marillion on in the Background, but considers them some of the best guitars he has ever played.
    They range between 200-350 quid, pickup and non.

    They therefore carry My Da's seal of approval which as anyone who knows me or my da will tell you is a great accolade indeed.

    Give one a go
  3. avatar Flatyre
    Thanks to you and also to yer da.
    On the other hand, I play my da's Yamaha FG160, the action on which is about an inch. except not really. It [i]is[/i] big though.
    The people in Matchetts can expect a visit sometime soon then. Also, theres some nice guitars on gak.com, has anyone any experience of Simon & Patrick?
  4. avatar antojasper
    Simon's a @#%$

    Patrick's alright tho' ;)
  5. avatar Flatyre
    You know, i smelt that joke as I was typing, but i thought, "What the Hell"
  6. avatar Pete
    Yeah, our main live acoustic is a simon and patrick. They are basically the "budget" range from the people who make Seagull guitars. We have no problem with it at all, plays nice and good acoustic sound.

    The only problem is that when using the pickup it sounds a little harsh and needs a lot of EQing when played live.

    Check out [b][url="http://www.crafterguitars.com/main_frame.html"]Crafter[/url][/b] as well, my own personal acoustic is a Crafter J15


    After a quick setup it plays and sounds a dream. We actually used it to record on our upcoming EP even though we had access to a Lowden and Martin. It just worked better on the day.
  7. avatar ChaosInEden
    Ask theafterglowonline about the smin and patricks, he spent 600 notes on one.
    I think he liked it at the start but he kept going back to normal acoustic guitars prefering the sound.
    I'm sure he'll be along here once he has recovered from last nites drinking/partying session. :hat

    Alan any comments???
  8. avatar theafterglowonline
    Simon and patricks are pretty good. It depends what you want it for though. The one i have has a great big
    bright sound perfect for chord playing and melodic lines. Mine was near 600 but it is my view that there are equally good semi acoustics for half the price on the market, a good yamaha perhaps.

    Get down to the usual suspects and try them all out, session have good semi's and they aren't rip off merchants like certain other royal avenue music shops
  9. avatar EPK
    I've a Crafter too. Lovely to play, beautifully built, and sooooo cheap!!!!
  10. avatar Niall Harden
    i thought "Simon's a @#%$" was a reference to Marcus Music.

    which would be accurate.
  11. avatar Jim Cava
    I would recommend going round all the shops and see what talks to you.Everybody is looking for different things.Nobody can tell you what you are going to like.
    The good thing is that there has never been a better time to buy an entry level acoustic.Competition is great and youve got some really interesting solid top guitars going cheap!
    The last one I tried out was a Crafter in Session and I remember being very surprised at the quality and price.
    One thing to consider is wether you are going to be gigging immediately with the guitar .If not I would reccommend buying the best acoustic that you can afford and then buying the pick-up/pre amp later when you have more cash(may I suggest the Fishman Matrix-good price and quality).They're very easy to install and if you dont feel up to it yourself it shouldnt cost too much to get a luthier/repairperson to do the job.
    Second hand is also a way to go- if you are confident that you can check out acoustics(theyre pretty easy to check out-bring a dentist type mirror to check out the bracing,check for anything loose,straightness/playability of neck etc) this really is the best way to get a bargain.