1. avatar glzebub of four star
    i recently bought a marshall 4X12 cabinet converted to hold just two speakers. i think this is a bit silly so i am attempting to reconvert it to four. where would be the cheapest place either in town or on t'internet to purchase speakers. i am looking for celestion G12H's. it's just in case anyone has prior knowledge/experience of buying speakers.
  2. avatar Pete
    Try Bairds. I don't think they are going to be especially cheap, but no more expensive than any of the other Belfarce shops. At least down in Bairds you'll get a reasonable level of service.

    Talk to Jon, the Canadian guy in there.
  3. avatar zebulon
    Maplin on the Boucher Road.
    They're about £40 each.
  4. avatar Pete
    Maplin in music gear shock!! Must check that out...
  5. avatar zebulon
    They're pretty good for replacement valves too, they'll even deliver them free if they're out of stock.
  6. avatar we love records

    Buy your valves there cause they are the best apparently.

    The sell speakers too :)

  7. avatar glzebub of four star
    wow! maplin! i'll check that out. yes i was told of watford valves before so i'll give them a try also, i'm considering this yon marshall amp and apparently it's fitted valves are pretty pants so....
  8. avatar Suki Monster
    Watford valves do in fact do the best quality valves at good prices and with excellent service.
  9. avatar glzebub of four star
    yeah but there's an infinite range to choose from, so i got a bit confused. do you mean their own brand 'Harma' are top class/value etc.. or is it the other brands? is there a big difference to be had in changing valves then?
  10. avatar Suki Monster
    I didnt go for the Harma valves myself but a friend of mine got a set of them for his fender amp and it improved the tone x2.Valves can change the tone of your amp dramatically.by changing the valves you can change the tone of the amp and even the amount of gain than can be squeezed outta it.
  11. avatar Monkee23
    Alex recommended watford valves to me a while back and I'd definitely recommend them, I bought 2 Celestion speakers and it was delivered really quickly.
  12. avatar glzebub
    sorry to rake all this up again but i have two questions to test y'all...

    1. valves, would changing them ALWAYS improve the amp? i mean there are so many of the feckers to choose from!

    2. and more importantly an ohmage question...

    on the celestion website it quotes the G12H speakers as being 8/16 ohms? what the fcuk? does this mean that they can be wired together in different ways to give different overall ohmages for my cabinet (which has two of them)?

    you see my dilemma is: (bear with me)

    my amp can drive a 4, an 8, a 16 OR two 16's.

    the amp's G12-75T is connected to the 16 ohm socket as default so i assume it is 16 ohm. but the amp can drive two 16 ohm cabs at once. at the minute the 2X12 cab with the G12H speakers is a combined 8 ohms (i measured it). can it be rewired to be 16 ohm in total so i can run the cab and the amp's speaker at the same time?

  13. avatar Pete
    Its all to do with being wired in parallel or series and stuff like that...

    I know very little about it so I did a little googling (did you know google is officially a verb now?? weird...) and found this :

    [b][url="http://www.colomar.com/Shavano/spkr_wiring.html"]Speaker Wiring Calculator[/url][/b]

    I haven't read it fully myself yet, but it seems to answer most questions...