1. avatar LXXRhythm
    My first post!
    I'm lookin into gettin a beefy amp and will have around £270 to spend.
    The one I've come across that seems to be best so far is the Marshall MG100DFX + I was wondering what you think of this amp and if you have any suggestions as to what other amps I might look at.
    I've been researching Marshall, Peavey + Crate online but havent been able to find another 100watt amp in my price range.. Any help would be great

    p.s. I love Marshalls + would prefer to get either one of the or a Crate coz I'm startin to like them too, but I'm open to just about any suggestion.
  2. avatar nickhealy
    theres a good bit of suggestions n wot not here: [url][/url]
  3. avatar Pete
    Keep an eye out for second hand stuff. You'll get a bigger better amp for your money then...

    Apart from that, if you want a sort of classic bluesy rock kind of sound try out the
    [b][url="http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/prodinfo.php?id=3093"]Vox Cambridge[/url][/b]
    range of amps. We bought the smallest one for use in the studio and it really cooks when its
    cranked. Nice tremolo on it to...
  4. avatar glzebub
    hughes and kettner are pretty good, niall's one is a 100W one, not sure of the model, i'm sure he'll let us know, but it's 'beefy' for sure.

    that's the way he likes it.

    crate are also ace.