1. avatar Pete
    Ok, for a while we've been considering buying a new desk for our studio. We have an old Yamaha 2404 desk and its really starting to adversely effect our recordings (bleeding channels, clicking etc).

    We have a TL-Audio Mic preamp/compresser that we connect straight to the Terratec soundcard (EWS88 MT) for recording vocals and acoustic guitars. So by bypassing the desk, we get a clean and great sound.

    So instead of buying a new desk we are considering buying a number of mic preamps to connect straight to the soundcard. There's no way we can afford more of the TL Audio units so we need alternatives...

    Anybody have any ideas or recommendations??

    We've looked at getting a couple of the Behringer Tube Ultragains as an option. We need a minimum of 2 channels, but preferably 4. What do you think??

    (we're using Behringer B2 Pros, Shure SM57+58s, AKG 414 and c3000 as our mics if that info is of any use) Edited by: morphsville at: 3/30/03 4:55:47 pm
  2. avatar antojasper
    Ahh the Mic Preamps, surely a subsect of the Mic Roffones Clan.
  3. avatar EPK
    The Ultragain's very good value and works well.
    I've got one, and Neil Calderwood uses one too.
  4. avatar feline1
    What TLA thing do ewes have?

    I was looking at the 5051 (I think? or was it a different number.....) this lunching - it was a kinda all-in-one mic pre-amp (phantom power), 3-band EQ, compressor and neu!se gate, with 6 valves inside (!?)
    all for a mere 'snip' at £350 -
    I was thinking of getting one to sing through with my headset mic...
  5. avatar Pete
    That is exactly the one we have and it is indeed the dogs dangly bits. If we could afford it, we'd get a couple more of them but its currently out of our budget....
  6. avatar feline1
    Aye, I can't really afford it at the moment either, sigh...

    It would be nice to sing through on of those on stage,
    I currently have to share one half of our TLA FATman1 with feline2,
    and it's bloody linked,
    so when he shouts too loud it turns *me* down to, the bitch.