1. avatar nickhealy
    i.e. is it worth £150 plus the monthly subscription fee which i think is £30? not sure on the fee

    anyone know of any good reviews on the net?

    nick Edited by: nickhealy at: 4/19/03 4:36:35 pm
  2. avatar glzebub
    excellent for a bit of fun and if you want to learn a lot of other
    people's songs and play along to the records, which can be fun from time to time so.......whatever. still, in no way is it essential, it has no appeal for me for instance, it has no live application and just duplicating other stuff gets a bit stale, anyway, depends what you want to do with the guitar. really if you want to do something like that, stick the cd in a hifi, crank it, and play along is just as good, and cheaper too.
  3. avatar ClayPeterFace
    £30 a month?!! So by this time next year you will have spent £510 on this device. It would need to be able to do the dishes or something.
  4. avatar nickhealy
    sorry, correction, its about a fiver a month (optional)