1. avatar sexysadie5
    My first post!
    Interested in buying quality secondhand midi recording
    equipment. Email me if you can help.
  2. avatar EPK
    What do you mean by midi recording equipment?
    Can you be a bit more specific, as that'd help you more.
  3. avatar sexysadie5
    I am looking to link a Korg M1 to the computer. Basically,
    to create a small recording studio using the Korg as
    the masterkeyboard and computer as the source for the sounds. I have no need for vocals, or guitar overdubs.
    From what little knowledge I have about all this, Pro-tools
    maybe what I should be looking to use. Clearly, I would need in addition to advice on what to buy wthin my budget, to be tutored on this set up an obviously, I would pay someone for their time and knowledge.
    Since I have only played acoustic piano, digital/midi recording
    appears as daunting as a foreign language. If anyone with
    knowledge can help, please do. Thanks. DJ.
  4. avatar EPK
    Email me at info@epkmusic.co.uk
    I'll be able to help you.
  5. avatar no coffee no workee
    Whaddya recommend Eamonn?
    Cubase or Logic?
    Only Germans seem to have the patience to make this software...
    The Nerve Centre's MIDI suite (a room with 6 PCs in it, is exactly the same setup as requested. Even down to the Korg keyboards).
    If you are interested I can send you the equipment used, the budget (I'm nearly sure Nim still has it), where we got got it, and how to put it together.
  6. avatar EPK
    Ack, I'm a Cubase man, mainly for historical reasons, as I started off using it in its first versions on the Atari, and hence migrated to PC. I've used Logic...I know people who swear by it, but I still think that Cubase is an easier and more intuitive interface. I've just moved to Cubase SX, and the learning curve is
    steep yet again.
  7. avatar no coffee no workee
    Better the devil you know an' all that.
    I know a lot of MIDI peeps who tend to swear AT Logic rather than swear by it.
  8. avatar Suki Monster
    I like cubase and the way it is all so obvious but logic looks a lot more sophisticated to me. Im a pro tools Le user and using midi with pro tools is good but not as easy as i found it with cubase.
  9. avatar Thomas Flavell
    just just cubase, then record it 2 a midi disk player with autopause,
    It sorts everything out
  10. avatar EPK
    Aye. That's how they recorded "Dark Side Of The Moon".
    With "midi disc" players.
    Aren't they brilliant?
  11. avatar feline1
    I use a hardware MIDI sequencer, the Akai MPC4000.

    It is much better than all that software noncesense.
  12. avatar EPK
    Yes, but it's still digital nonsense, that musically corrupts everything it touches, which is why your work is now totally invalid.
  13. avatar feline1
    Well feline2 managed that anyway with his hat.....
  14. avatar EPK
    Yes, boys keep swinging.