1. avatar Tim Rooney
    I am an amazing drummer and am using a wee pearl ELX at the mo, with a nice pearl maple piccolo snare. My pimpin' has brought me some money and i want to buy a higher end kit heres what i have to choose from : Pearl BRX, Pearl SRX, Tama Starclassic Performer, Yamaha Oak Custom and the Yamaha Birch % Maple customs.

    Any help info prior use or knowledge of these kits would greatly be appeciated.
    PS iwasn't completely honest above... im not amazing
  2. avatar Thomas Flavell
    well tim,
    Bing a bada boda DING!WING! splash taGG!
    anyway, if the old stuff hasnt broke, Dont replace it.
    no pun inteaded, but am away 2 pool with da brother

    I have been worned