1. avatar Skapocalyptic
    Ok, First things first, when it comes to ye olde technical jargon i'm grossly uneducated, basically, I've been playing for a short while, had a second hand 'mysterious taiwanese' amp of some sort and I really just want something with a good tone to it, and preferably something with a fair bit of drive, my price range is pretty damn limited £250 tops but then again it IS only a practice amp, maybe for a few gigs through a P.A in the future, I'd really appreciate some idea of the best/most versatile bass amp in the price range, thanks, dave

    ok, i've upped my budget to around £400 a little more or less either way, i tried out a carlsbro bass beasty 325w and a hughes and kettner bassforce L (100w), i've been told by a few people already that the H+K would be a far better amp, especially considering it's only for home use and practice at the minute, though i have my eye on another 2, basically my initial choices are :

    Behringer BX1200 Ultrabass 120W
    Gallien Krueger Backline 112 100W
    Hughes and Kettner Bassforce L 100W
    Carlsbro Bass Beasty 325W

    any opinions, help on this would be greatly appreciated as i'm not too sure exactly what to look out for/avoid

    *edit to ammend choices*
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  2. avatar Pete
    Out of those mentioned above I would probably say the Gallien Krueger, they make quality amps. It would do as a home/practice/acoustic gig type amp quite nicely.

    But pop yourself down to Bairds and try out their range of Ashdown combos. I use one of the top of the range ones and its awesome. The smallers ones are quite nice too.

    And as another option, if you can find any, try a Hartke Kickback combo. I had a Hartke for years before upgrading to the Ashdown and I was happy with the tone and functionallity, it was just too small for larger gigs.
  3. avatar Skapocalyptic
    that was another i was looking at (Ashdown EB15 Bass 150W Amp) i didn't get to try it out as the shop didn't have any in stock, the site i was looking/pricing all these on dosen't ship outside of the US which dosen't really help as it's the cheapest place i can find any of the five, does anyone know of any good UK mail orders? sorry for any inconvenience
  4. avatar theafterglowonline
    www.gak.co.uk is the best for amps, reasonable postage too even for cabs. Our bassist used a carlsboro similar to the one you mention for a good while and had no problem with it, indeed it was a class wee amp. The one you mention is much better than the one he had as well.
  5. avatar Skapocalyptic
    Thanks for the link, checking it out now, the amps gonna have to wait for now though, ordered myself an eb3 (i'm shallow, it's aesthetically pleasing and within my price range) but i'll be bookmarking the site for my next sudden burst of funds, cheers again, dave
  6. avatar feline1
    Yes but if ewe live in Brighton like me ewe can just
    walk to the "GAK" and not have to use the Interweb ;-)

    It is quite a good shop, yesh - I have spent a good few thousand
    squids in there in the last decade....
  7. avatar Skapocalyptic
    it's actually quite damn good, anytime i've been pricing amps before i usually wind up on the american sites (musiciansfriend, music123, etc) but the prices on GAK weren't that bad, always good, [url]http://www.samash.com[/url] is alright too, one of few US sites i've came across that has international shipping, few more dole cheques (thanks all those paying tax) and a new amp will be on its way
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  8. avatar feline1
    Of course, ewe must bear in mind that the Geetat And Amp Centre just make up their website prices...... if ewe actually go into the shop, everything is at least 15% more expensive in reality ;-)
  9. avatar Skapocalyptic
    I reckon i'm gonna get this wee bugger


    haha that reminds me, a certain shop i worked in about 2 years ago was when i was first introduced to the wonders of trade pricelists, the mark-up on about 70% of what we sold was two thirds the trade price, and that was still it being sold at a competitive price, still i got fired
  10. avatar Pete
    Good choice, I used to have one of the larger Hartke amps, great sound. God I miss that thing
  11. avatar Skapocalyptic
    yet another positive comment about hartke, anyone care to shatter my somewhat perfect perception of them to date?!
  12. avatar Pete
    ummmm, the cooling fans are quite noisy??

    I played a few acoustic gigs with my my old Hartke and during quiet, intimate sections of songs all we could hear was : "whiirrrrrrr" !!

    But having said that, only we could hear it on stage, nobody out front could.

    Actually, I'm not sure the Kickbacks have cooling fans, they might not need one as the power rating is relatively low.
  13. avatar EPK
    Never noticed any Kickback fans or noises. Very handy amps.
  14. avatar Skapocalyptic
    Then it is settled, the hartke will be mine in 6 - 8 weeks lol, actually while i've got the attention of a few of you, despite it being too late, having ordered and paid for the bass, but anyone care to ridicule me for my choice or am i safe for now?!

  15. avatar Pete
    I've never been a great fan of Gibson/Epiphone bass guitars. Its hard to beat a Fender or Musicman.

    But the EB3 is meant to be ok from reports I've had. Its got the full scale length which is something I don't like about the EB0.

    I think the bass player from Urban Circus uses one, and he gets a good sound, plenty of bottom end.
  16. avatar Skapocalyptic
    i'd have got a musicman but i'm on a budget and i'm crap at saving money for anything so thats ruled out for now, this'll actually be the first bass i've ever bought new and properly owned, first one was belonging to a band, which then snapped due to me getting an electric shock and launching it across the room, then i borrowed one of a friend for a while, then got my second (god awful p-bass copy) which was a hand out and probably the worst sounding bass in the history of... well... everything.
  17. avatar theafterglowonline
    Indeed feline they were none too pleased when i discarded the price they quoted me on the phone and told them what the site advertised. They had to give me it at the price the site said, although a few days later the entire site was overhauled
  18. avatar theafterglowonline
    Which reminds me i am looking for an AC-30 does anyone know of a good place for vox amps or know of anyone selling one :rolleyes
  19. avatar Pete
    you do realise there are very few venues that are large enough for you to use a AC-30 to its full potential? Its a big, loud amp.

    When it comes to guitar amps, think on the small-ish side, they sound best when cranked loud. Buying a huge amp means you can't crank it because then peoples ears start bleeding!!
  20. avatar antojasper
    That piece of advice was give to me by Gerry Bannon, soundman to the students, who pointed out that if you put a mike in front of the damn thin you can't ever turn it up over 1 or 2 anyway....
  21. avatar theafterglowonline
    I probably should have thought of that before buying a 100 watt marshall head eh
  22. avatar EPK
    I never found Marshalls loud enough.
    At times I had em up full and needed more, but I've still to better my old Peavey Stereo Chorus 2X12. At 270 watts that was loud.
    I've one ear that still tells me so.
  23. avatar Pete
    But the "small is better" thing doesn't apply to bass amps. The more headroom the better in general. I have a 400w Ashdown and it comfortably does what I need it to do at the minute. I struggled with 200w though.

    If, fingers crossed, we hit the road sometime soon and start making money I'll probably be tempted into one of the [url="http://www.ashdownmusic.co.uk/rmr.htm"]pre + power amp rack mount set ups[/url]. With an 8x10 cab or two. And a small lorry to cart it around in....
  24. avatar theafterglowonline
    You've probably answered this already but i cant be arsed looking. what cab do u use with your ashdown head. i ask this because our basist uses a marshall 4 x 12 with his ashdown head, what do u use yourself
  25. avatar Pete
    Ashdown ported 4x10" + horn, rated at 600w. Like this one, only with a retro cloth grill rather than the see through one with the ugly blue speakers!

  26. avatar theafterglowonline
    A soundman who shall remain nameless mocked Ashdown bass heads when we played a certain venue a while back
    Our bassist was not amused
  27. avatar Pete
    Most soundmen I know will praise Ashdown amps because the sound coming from the D.I. output is excellent for front of house mixes. Its one of the best I've heard and is great for recording too.

    They're certainly better than Trace Elliots (hell, they're the same amp only better made in my opinion, they were designed by the same guy).

    Ampeg and Gallien Krueger are great, but have their own sounds, which I'm not overly fussed about.

    The only amps I think I would swap to if I had the money would be an SWR or an Eden (and they are big money).

    Horses for courses...
  28. avatar theafterglowonline
    is there a bassist in a local band that has an SWR?? i may be mistaken Edited by: theafterglowonline at: 2/18/03 12:56:51 pm
  29. avatar Pete
    The only guy I know seen plays in a jazz combo. It was a SWR Workingman combo, 12" speaker 100watts, but what a sound. But one of those would probably be around £600-700 for what is essentially a small venue/acoustic/practice amp.

    I've never seen anyone with an Eden, but got to play one in The Bass Centre in London once...
  30. avatar Thomas Flavell
    My first post!
    well, could be worse, I still have 2 use the speaker cos i cant afford any amps,
    at lest its an 800wat unknown thing,