1. avatar Suki Monster
    So then whats everyones favorite vocal mic for recording? Personally I like the sound of the trusty old sure 58 but I find for weaker singers its a bit of a let down as it aint the most sensitive.So whats yer favorite?
  2. avatar no coffee no workee
    Neumann U87.
    Hear the singer, not the mic.
    Fcuking expensive tho.
  3. avatar EPK
    And then some. The 58 has pulled me out of some situations where nothing else has worked, and sounded ideal,but not always.
    I'm increasingly using the cheapish Behringer B2 large capsule, which can be slightly lively in the top end with some people, but is great and hard to beat for the money....and you've got the omidirectional setting for those all-important moments when Duran Duran, Midge Ure, Boy George and Spandau Ballet pop round for a charity single.
    The Rode stuff is great too..particularly the new valve mike.
  4. avatar Suki Monster
    yeah i have heard good things about the b2 i was either gonna buy one or the rode nt1
  5. avatar no coffee no workee
    The Audio Technica 4033 is one of the best condensors I've heard for the money.
    Last I heard it was £189 for mic, lead and stand.
    Sounded almost as good as the Neumann TLM 103 (£450 with the same capsule as the U87) I was using on the other vocalist.
    Brilliant on bass cabs and basically anything with a lot of low end detail.
    Slightly harsh presence peak at around 3k, but easily eq'd out.
    SM58 with a pop shield from about 8" away from singer also sounds fantastic. If you have a de-esser of course.
    How Bono records apparently...
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  6. avatar feline1
    I've had an SM58 for well over a decade....
    ...feline2 has some neodymnium-magnet "Electrovoice" thing, which sounds kinda nicer, I've always felt - more body...

    Although of course these days I ewse my phantom-powered electret condenser head-set AKG headset mic for hands-free fun.
  7. avatar EPK
    I used the AT 4033 before the Behringer, but the B2 kicks the sh*t out of it, and in my opinion is more versatile. I always found the AT a bit fussy, and it didn't seem to like being pushed SPL wise when miking up geetars. The peak Mik mentions always irritated me, and to be honest, I haven't used it in a while.
    And tellingly, I haven't really missed it.
  8. avatar no coffee no workee
    If you've still got the 4033, I'd be interested in buying it off ya.
    For a reasonable price of course...
    BTW, how much did the B2 cost you?
  9. avatar EPK
    Got it when it first came out.....about £170.
    Costs much less now.
  10. avatar Suki Monster
    I bought the rode Nt-1A the other week and I would highly reccomend it.Unbelivable clarity from it fror the price (£160) and with hardly any noticable difference from the expensive Neumann we used for parts of our demo!
  11. avatar wild bill goes commando
    I ve got an Audio technica 4033, and its kless....great for vox and even better for druuuuummmmssss........... ive a soft spot for the sm58 myself- it gives a lovely lo-fi vocal sound which is hard to beat- it might not be as clear as sth more expensive but the sound is class for vocals.