1. avatar stratodude
    Can any one suggest what type of valve to put in the musicman 130 head .Some say Mullard are good and great quality but i was quoted £30 each , any suggestions welcome ,seems expensive but I was used to a tranny amp
    for quite a while so don't really know about replacing them .
  2. avatar feline1
    [url]http://www.metasonix.com[/url] is a good read for valves.... Edited by: feline1 at: 3/18/03 3:53:06 pm
  3. avatar Riffmaster Steve
    Watford Valves is the way forward... [url]http://www.watfordvalves.com/[/url] methinx...

    Give them a call and tell them what gear you have, what sort of music you play and what sort of sound you're going for and they'll recommend the best valve for ya...

  4. avatar stratodude
    thanks for the guidance guys, I'll check it out .