1. avatar Pete
    Hear ye, hear ye....

    Coming to a shop near you soon :-



    Pro rack mount versions of the Behringer V-amp series, but now including the bass.

    The original V-amp is a great piece of kit, almost as good as the POD but less than half the price. These pro units are set to drop into the £200 mark. Cheap as chips!!

    I think I'll get one of each
  2. avatar EPK
    Now, you scamp...the V-amp is a good cheapish bit o'gear, but it wasn't even nearly as good as the Pod.
    I got a few chances to work with them both side by side in recording sessions, and there weren't no contest......and I'm a firm advocate of Behringer stuff, having a lot of their stuff...including my desk. Edited by: Eamonn P Keyes at: 3/15/03 9:15:41 am
  3. avatar Pete
    I'm really just wanting them for my own new home studio, it won't be anything special, just for throwing ideas down. I have access to the Line 6 stuff in the morph studio if I really need it... but its in Donaghadee so I can't be arsed travelling out there more than I already do!!

    I was going to buy the bass pod pro for home, but at £500 its a bit on the expensive side for what I'd use it for. £200 sounds a lot more reasonable....