1. avatar fastfude
    I've been trying to fix a problem with stuttering and clicking on a machine with the above soundcard installed. I've tried just about everything I know to fix it, but nothing's working. I need suggestions and/or a good psychiatrist.

    The most frustrating thing is that this started after a reinstall of Windows 2000 on the machine, no hardware changes, just a clean copy of the OS. Before the reinstall, with exactly the same setup, it didn't skip. I had performed the previous install too, around a year ago, and didn't need any unusual tweaks to get it working then.

    The stuttering occurs with *any* audio playback or recording from any program, rendering it fairly useless as a music workstation. It appears to happen when the machine tries to do two things at once, for example, play audio and access hard disk data. Opening explorer windows or dialog boxes often causes a short stutter.

    I've tried various drivers, turning off ACPI, installing winXP instead, swapping out video cards, [i]other sound cards[/i], drive controllers, etc. Still skips without any sign of improvement.

    System Spec:
    Abit A7V-133 Motherboard
    Athlon 1400
    512Mb PC-133 RAM
    40Gb IBM Deskstar
    3dfx Voodoo 3 PCI
    Generic Ethernet 10/100 PCI
  2. avatar EPK
    Step back and install 98SE.
    There've been numerous 2k problems with soundcards and sequencer progs, and I don't think it's regarded as a particularly stable platform.
    But again, if you get a setup working well you're lucky, and 98SE has always been particularly stable with both Cubase and soundcards. I've run three different ones without problems.
  3. avatar Skapocalyptic
    Windows 2000 seems to be a pretty dodgy OS all round, I'm told it's due to the 'internet biased development' of the program... but it's just as tempramental with net junk as it is with anything, I miss 98... as for xp, it looks snazzy... but well.... yeah, it looks snazzy
  4. avatar Pete
    Rog, I have exactly the same problem with my audigy. Intermittent stuttering caused by the starting and stopping of applications and system processes.

    It started happening when I upgraded from 2k to XP and after returned to 2k it kept happening, despite having the system setup in an identical manner to what it was before the problems started occuring. Which makes no sense at all and is the same situation as yours.

    So I have no idea how to help, but if you find a solution keep me in the loop.

    As for those who would detract from Windows 2000, it was never designed to be a multimedia/home/audio operating system. Its actually the most stable windows when it comes to large professional and engineering applications such as CAD and 3D modelling software.

    Roll on Longhorn
  5. avatar theafterglowonline
    I had a similiar problem then i installed XP Professional.............. and i still have it. this wouldn't happen on linux i tell ya
  6. avatar Conjor
    While we're talking about dodgy soundcards, my 6Fire is working fine on XP, but the CD volume and controls are not working on the control panel. I know the CD drives are connected properly, cause I can hear them. Any suggestions??
    (I've got the latest drivers as well.)
  7. avatar fastfude

    I used to have diffs with pops and crackles on my Audigy when I first got it. Which drivers are you using? If it's anything earlier than v5.12.1.253, upgrade. Everything earlier than those gave me grief. Also, you could try disabling ACPI, that used to help a lot with the older drivers, although it is best to do it during OS install.
  8. avatar fastfude
    As for 2000 being dodgy, I have to disagree - it's consistently been the most stable Microsoft OS I've ever worked with.

    I think a lot of stability issues are not due to problems with the OS, but the drivers for your hardware.

    That's why MS introduced the WHQL certification system - they were sick of taking the rap for third-party driver developers that wrote crap code which bogged down the OS. Make sure all your hardware uses WHQL drivers wherever possible. It basically means that MS have tested them and are happy that they won't @#%$ up your system.
  9. avatar Pete
    I grabbed the latest drivers when the difficulties started happening and there was no difference. T'other day I actually removed the card and went back to the onboard sound and there is still a stuttering so now I'm completely stumped. It all started on the install of XP but I would have thought going back to Win2k would have fixed it.

    Unless its hardware, I've suspected that the motherboard has been acting up for a while....

    Ah well, I'll just leave it and wait until April when I'll build meself a brand spanking new computer..
  10. avatar EPK
    I suspect the Motherboard's behind most problems, and the OS system upgrade screws with the resources.
    After my last fiasco I've thinking long and hard before putting together a new system...I couldn't believe the problems I was having with a brand new system..not even one track playing successfully.
  11. avatar feline1
    Roger, I'd look for help on the [url]http://www.sospubs.co.uk[/url] forums,
    they are full of this kind of trauma.
  12. avatar fastfude
    Think it's sorted now - a combination of bios upgrading and tweaking, also moving the harddisk off the ATA100 controller. Basically it was a problem of the PCI bus not spreading its resources properly, but the solution for that kind athing can be different from one motherboard to the next :/
  13. avatar Conjor
    Good, now someone can sort out my 6Fire CD volume controller problem!