1. avatar Future Real
    Is anyone selling and 8track multitracker machine or anything along those lines?? have a wee 4track here but want some extra options. Edited by: Future Real at: 2/18/03 12:48:21 pm
  2. avatar ClayPeterFace
    y'see them quite regularly on ebay
  3. avatar Skapocalyptic
    Not that i know much (nothing) about such things... but would it not be alot better, not to mention less limiting, to buy yerself a decent soundcard and have a little bit of patience to download some studio programs (cubase, cakewalk, cool edit etc) for yer compuzzler?!

    or is the portable factor mandatory?

    please excuse my ignorance, dave
  4. avatar Future Real
    Ok, thats what someone else said to me aswell. Can anyone tell me the basic software and hardware that ill need inorder to get PC studio set up??

    I dont really know much about this but im starting to learn now, so what hardware do yous think i should get??
    Edited by: Future Real at: 2/18/03 12:50:10 pm
  5. avatar Skapocalyptic
    I'm not too sure about the hardware, and theres alot of software out there that you can scam free copies of on kazaa/winmx and such, I use cool edit pro 1.2a myself, I can't even answer why because it isn't exactly brilliant and i'm always told cubase is alot better, but hey! I think i can remember there being a thread on this sorta thing before, somewhere

    apologies for the lack of help lol, someone else is bound to be able to sort you out
  6. avatar EPK
    All you need is a decent soundcard and a copy of something like Cubase. About £150'll get you a very decent soundcard, and then you'll start the learning curve......
  7. avatar Future Real
    Ok is there a difference in the Cubase packages, i seen cubase sx and xl (or somthing) is there a certain version or anything i should get.
  8. avatar EPK
    The easiest is Cubasis, the latest and most difficult is Cubase SX, and in between you can pick up the earlier versions.
    I've had repeated diffs with version 5 in all it's forms.
  9. avatar Future Real
    Cheers Eammon, I know a guy who said he will give me a copy of Cubase and a few other packages if i want so im going to give him a shout to nite.
  10. avatar Riffmaster Steve
    Cubase sux, Cakewalk rools ok...

    Steve. Edited by: Riffmaster Steve at: 2/19/03 11:55:30 am
  11. avatar EPK
    Yer da it does.
  12. avatar Conjor
    I use FruityLoops, Cubase VST and SoundForge with a DMX 6Fire sound card. It's a pretty nice set-up - I've also got some nice Altec Lansing speakers with sub - no point having good software if you cant hear it in it's full glory, eh?
  13. avatar abze
    Has anyone ever used Propellerhead's Reason? According to the [url="http://www.propellerheads.se"]website[/url] and a few [url="http://www.musicgearreview.com/review-display/1555.html"]reviews[/url] it's the dog's proverbials...Any thoughts/advice?
  14. avatar Pete
    Reason is indeed the Mutts Nuts. We use it both for recording and as a soft synth in our live rig.

    We've had a difficulty getting it to sync with older versions of Cubase (5.something) but recently threw Cubase SX on and its been smooth sailing...

    ... thats gone and jinxed it then
  15. avatar abze
    I was asked to install it fer me da-in-law, as he's not the friendliest with computers.
    At the minute he records through a Roland VS-1680 digital recorder and XP80 workstation.
    He was looking at trying out stuff on the computer and had played about with Cubase VST.
    He was given Reason to play around with and I think one of the main things he wants is a more versatile/realistic setup for drum loops than he has now.

    And if it's good enough for Trent Reznor...
  16. avatar Future Real
    Rite i can pretty much get all the software free, but what about hardware, whats the basic stuff i need and how much can i expect to pick them up for???
  17. avatar Conjor
    A soundcard will set you back around £150 (for 6Fire, Audiophile, etc) going up to about £500 for things like the delta 10/10. These both have 24/96 recording and playback.