1. avatar gregoriavitch
    my amp is a bit of a loud bugger.
    or at least it used to be.

    I have a fender roc pro 1000 and before practise on friday, the most i ever EVER had the volume up at was around 2.5.
    However, it took upping the volume to 5 before it was anywhere near as loud as usual, and even then it wasn't quite there.

    has anyone ever experienced this or know what's happening?
  2. avatar Suki Monster
    Doesnt the Roc pro have a Power amp valve? Maybe its needing replaced. Where u using pedals with it? If so It could be a low battery in the pedal losing volume.
  3. avatar gregoriavitch
    i thought it might be the pedals, but i checked the batteries and all seemed pretty good.

    i'm sorry, i know nothing about my amp other than using anything on the front. bad i know. how do i know if it has a power amp valve?
  4. avatar EPK
    Sounds like either
    a. Valve trouble or
    b. Preamp trouble.

    Look at your valves, see if one of them's gone a funny colour, and get a replacement...Bairds in York Rd should have a replacement. Failing that, leave it into that very same place to be looked at.
  5. avatar Niall Harden
    a lot of roc pro amps seemed to develop a fault where they spontaneously changed channel and back again. a lot. annoying!
  6. avatar gregoriavitch
    i know this sounds really thick, but where abouts do i check for the valve?
  7. avatar we love records
    Don't look at the valve in the Roc Pro amps. That's not the problem.

    There is only one 12ax7 (usually a pre amp valve but not in this case) and it's used in the negative feedback loop of the gain channel (that's why the gain channel on those amps doesn't make a sound when you turn it on.. it has a delay to allow the tube to heat up).

    Question... which channel is effected?

    Go to [url="http://www.fenderforum.com"]www.fenderforum.com [/url] The amp mod. and repairs forum is very good, as always check to see if the person posting knows what he is talking about (check other threads.. there are about 5 or 6 people who are always right)

    Search for threads on the Roc pro amp...

    This thread in particular will highlight the problem with your amp

    [url="http://www.fenderforum.com/forum.html?db=&topic_number=313861&lastpost=2003-02-1009:24:52"]This link here[/url]

    Read what the following people say:

    1. unquiet
    3. also read dogdrills last comment.

    This will highlight the problem, you'll not be able to fix it yourself, particularly if you are asking where the tube is... amps can give shocks so take it to someone to repair.
    Bill at session is slow but he is good.

    Like Niall says Roc Pros have a problem with channel switching because the amp is running so hot that it melts a solder contact... this is similar to what has happened to your amp.
    If you get random channel switching, take it to Bill at session, he'll know exactly how to fix it.


  8. avatar antojasper
    Feck me

    I looked at that site for about 40 seconds and my head hurts with new facts.

    I'm going to have to ration myself to short bursts in case I get brainulation from it.

    Nice link!

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  9. avatar gregoriavitch
    the more i play my amp, the hotter it gets.
    the hotter it gets, the more likely the solder is melting somewhere and causing depleted volume?

    ok. oh and it's only happening on the clean channel.
    so, since i have no experience with either, who would be better for this: session or bairds?

    thanks everyone