1. avatar Suki Monster
    Within the next month I will be upgrading my studio to a Digi 002 and will be needing a good mixing console to use with it.I want to spend about £1000-2000 any reccomendations?
  2. avatar ClayPeterFace
    you don't really need a mixer, the digi 002 has one of its own.

  3. avatar Suki Monster
    The digi 002 can be used as a stanalone mixer For live use but not when recording, as it used used as a control surface for pro tools LE. I need a desk to eq the drums ect before they go to the digi 002 plus I will be planning to record about 20 instruments at once at times so I need a 24 channel desk. I think I am going for the mackie[img]http://www.digitalvillage.co.uk/images/4/mackie_sr24.jpg[/img] or i might even go for th 32 channel one. Anyone else have any other reccomendations? I want to check out absolutly everything before spending all that money.
  4. avatar EPK
    The Behringer Eurodesk 8000 is what I use...designed by the same guy who built the Mackie but much cheaper.
    It has 48 channels in total...24 of them with full EQ and 6 auxiliaries, and the other 24 with basic treble bass, volume and panning, which are great for sampler outs, PC outs, keyboards etc. It's an 8 bus desk, very similar to that in yer photo.
    I love mine............
  5. avatar Suki Monster
    Eamonn would I be able to take a look at it some time? As Im going to be spending a lot of money on studio equipment soon and dont want to @#%$ it up.
  6. avatar EPK
    Sure, Mike...any time, call or mail me to organise it.
  7. avatar no coffee no workee
    If you can afford it, almost anything by Soundcraft sounds great.
    The mic pre-amps are really good and transparent and the eq is generally better than is to be found on similar priced desks.
    Haven't heard the Behringer tho.
    Stay away from Allen & Heath studio desks.
    Not very well designed imo.
  8. avatar Suki Monster
    I have the money but what soundcraft do you recommend? I have heard good things about the Behringer and the Mackie but I am used to using a soundcraft desk for recording drums so It might be an option.