1. avatar Estrella Ojos

    I've got a few gig dates coming up. I humbly ask you to consider attending one (or two):

    Thurs 17 May Lady Sings the Tunes: Pavilion, Belfast
    Fri 18 May Common Grounds, Belfast
    Sat 26 May Grounded Espresso Bar, Newry
    Wed 27 Jun The Spirit Store, Dundalk

    The line-up for the rest of May will be myself, Rebekah Green on percussion, and quite possible P Bankhead on mandolin & V Henriquez on charango.

    Also, a big shout out to everyone asking about the recording. It's going well; I've managed to find my string quartet. Quite the amazing feat considering it doesn't include Ruby Colley, Clare Galway or Tom (what's your surname? do you have one?). I'm so excited about this project; it'll be interesting to see where our laboratory experiments take us.

    Keep in touch.

    Stop by: [url]http://www.myspace.com/rachellaustin[/url]