1. avatar antojasper
    I got tunable bongoes from santa.

    but seeing as how I am a guitar player, and not skilled at drummness.

    What exactly is it customary to tune each bongo to?

    At the moment its kind of "duht, duht, deht!"
  2. avatar EPK
    I'd get out some Tarzan films on video, and wait for the bit where the natives play various drums whilst someone is tied to a stake. They'd most likely be the experts.
  3. avatar antojasper
    Nah, since my unexpected purchase of a great Curtis Mayfield compilation, I will defer to the best bongolation on record.

    If you know a video library where I can rent Tarzan videos, I'd be really interested..
    But they usually play congoes anywho.

    But seriously anybody know the "right"way to tune a bongo? Edited by: antojasper at: 2/12/03 5:21:03 pm
  4. avatar Conjor
    I recognise the phrase "bingo bango bongo", where does it come from?
  5. avatar antojasper
    I think it may have been one of those dodgy "Teen" Movies for the early 60's, ye know the really bad one's with Cliff Richard and stuff, where everybody is actually 48.