1. avatar Daithi jasper
    Anyone know the best place to leave a guitar to get a decent overhaul. I think there are now several things wrong with my Epiphone Casino. All concerning the electronics inside. Its a solid body guitar that can only be accessed through the F-Holes, which is a serious pain in the @#%$. I should be gigging again fairly soon (with Bréag, Irish-language reggae, plug plug) and I will need the blood thing to stop letting off randomn bangs, and it would be nice if all the pick-up selections, the tone and the volume controls all worked consistently.
  2. avatar Pete
    Take it down to bairds, they'll get someone to fix it for you if they can't do it themselves. I've been 100% satisfied with their service in the past.
  3. avatar antojasper
    Should have bought a Fender :p
  4. avatar Daithi jasper
    Cheers! Never heard of Baird's before though.

    P.S. I specifically bought my Casino cause it wasn't a fender...
  5. avatar EPK
    Best guitar guy in the country is Dennis Curry, from Portadown way. Bairds used to use him, dunno if they still do. But you should.
  6. avatar Pete
    Bairds use Dennis for electrics and re-finishing. They use Jim Barr for setups/refrets and the like.

    Dennis did a fantastic job on my mates '63 strat. He is a genius with a some sand paper and a spray can!
  7. avatar antojasper
    He "Resprayed" a '63 strat?

  8. avatar Pete
    Some joker had butchered it before my mate bought it. It had been refinished black, but it must have been the cheapest, crappest paint he could find and then put on with a bread knife.

    Still had all the original electronics, hardware and case though.

    Dennis did a great job of returning it to the original lake placid blue colour. Edited by: morphsville at: 1/20/03 6:21:51 pm
  9. avatar Daithi jasper
    Thanks folks. Any contact details for Bairds?
  10. avatar Pete

    The website might be a bit ropey... I should know, I'm the guy designing it!!

    Their phone number and address is on there, they're down opposite yorkgate train station Edited by: morphsville at: 1/21/03 4:00:26 pm
  11. avatar Daithi jasper