1. avatar KeithSL

    I am wanting to buy an electric guitar, having started learning on a classic. Ive seen lots of special offers on packages - guitar,practice amp,case,plecs,lesson etc
    all round 160-190

    They seem to be all with either a squier or westfield strat copy. Are these packages any good or would i be better off saving a bit more and buying a guitar and amp seperately?

    Any recommendations for good guitars around the 200-250 mark?

    Also ive seen squier strats at differing prices with the only difference i can see being (on the more expensive ones) the neck label and a different colour to the top of the tie-rod hole. Is this because one is an import?
  2. avatar Logansrunners
    The Yamaha Pacifica range is great value and I think they're all around the £150 - £200 mark. Which guitar would suit you best depends on the music you want to make, you'll probably want to get whatever most of the guitarists in bands you like play.
  3. avatar EPK
    Seconded. The Pacifica walks it.
  4. avatar Riffmaster Steve
    Here's one on the 'Bay...


    The one in the pic is a leftie but it doesn't mention that fact in the description - might be just the wrong pic.

    Sitting at £80 right now, which ain't bad... as long as it doesn't go up much more...

  5. avatar Riffmaster Steve
    And here's the Yamaha listing at my favourite online music store:


    Star service from these guys... cheap as fook, too.

    There's a Yamaha there for every style of music...

  6. avatar DeeK25
    yamaha ERG 121

    you cant get better than that, argos does a package and they throw in a yamaha amplifier all for £150
  7. avatar EPK
    Yes, and with the money you save you can buy stacks of wood preserver to clean your wooden ears.
  8. avatar KeithSL
    I bought a Pacifica 112 in the end. Bit of a bargin too
    I restrung it with Ernie Ball strings and its sounding really good. A wee question tho...

    Am I right in saying that you have to adjust the rear screws on the bridge back or forward depending on whether the sound of each string is sharp or flat respectively, at the 12th fret, compared to the open string?

    And how much fret buzz is normal? Ive taken the action of the 5th and 6th string quite high, but there is still a slight clangy buzz if i pick moderately hard.

    Also, on advice from a friend, ive ditched the trem arm and locked the bridge down by tightening the spring screws. Is this okay? Im not going to do any damage or anything am i?

    Sorry for all the questions!
  9. avatar Riffmaster Steve
    Sounds like you've restrung it with a different gauge of strings than were originally on it... if this is indeed the case, then it's probably in need of a bit of a setup. There's a decent guide on musicyo.com on how to do it yourself, but getting a pro to do it will probably produce better results if you're a beginner...

    Tightening the spring claw at the back shouldn't cause any damage, although it could possibly cause the trem to dig into the surface of your guitar, marking the finish and even the wood.

  10. avatar antojasper
    Oh @#%$!

    DO not touch them wee screws at the back of the saddle unless you have gained previously lots of experience of messing up guitars like this and then fixing them.

    They are "intonation screws" they change the length of the string and thus the relative position of the octave point.

    This affects the note produced at each fret.
    Basically if its set wrong then the note gets more and more out of tune the further up the fretboard you go.

    It's a pain in the @#%$ to get right, so let someone else do it and show you.

    Also one further point:

    Ernie Ball Strings are awful, use D'Addario - the difference is staggering and they keep their tone for ages longer.
    also they're colour coded!
  11. avatar no coffee no workee
    tune the open string.
    Play the harmonic on the 12th fret until it is spot on in tune.
    Play the 12th fret note.
    If it is flat then the scale length is too long (not enuf tension) and you must move the saddle towards the head of the guitar.
    Best done by slackening the string and then retuning it to check.
    And vice versa.
    Very labourious procedure, but well worth it.
  12. avatar antojasper
    Harmonics are always in tune.
    Ye Fool.
    Give the man sensible advice

    The octave harmonic should always be directly over the 12 fret bar.
    If you get a clearer tone further up or down the fretboard then your intonation is off.

    Big Tip:
    Always retune each string using an electronic tuner (unless you have perfect pitch, ha ha ) after every 1/4 turn of the screw.

    Same goes for every thing in the set up.
  13. avatar no coffee no workee
    You know what I meant.
    Tune the harmonic to the desired pitch using A=440Hz (concert pitch) as a reference. Etc...
  14. avatar antojasper
    This stuff is complicated enough without assuming knowledge on the part of the reader.

    Tune the string - the harmonic is ALWAYS at EXACTLY half the strings length.
    This is how thon Pythagoras noticed music happened, and invented Jimi Hendrix.
  15. avatar mintcf
    Damn, too late. But, while I'm at it, has anyone played any of those Squire Jagmasters? Really, really sweet cheapish guitars - nice to play, thoroughly decent pickups too.
  16. avatar feline1
    Harmonics are only perfectly in tune if the string is a perfectly linear harmonic oscillator.
    This isn't necessarily the case, if ewe had wierd guage strings on or summat.
    (The harmonics on piano strings get progressively flatter as ewe climb the board of keyness, for instance)
  17. avatar KeithSL
    yea, i figured out how to adjust intonation. through a heck of a lot of twiddling and tuning and twiddling and retuning. But its not rocket science, just experience.
  18. avatar Dirty Stevie Grizz
    Who'd of thought playing the [i]guitar[/i] could be so complicated???

    My strings are held in with blue-tack....
  19. avatar glzebub of four star
    the pacifica 112 is indeed the guitar of the gods. (on a budget). i replaced the bridge and neck pu's and it makes an appearance here or there at gigs, i just have to keep it away from niall "jaguars are good" harden. :p