1. avatar Pete
    As part of my ever growing plan to better myself musically I am looking to teach myself some basic stuff with keyboards.

    I've decided that the cheapest way for me to do this is to just buy a midi master keyboard, hook it up to the computer and to use it with the likes of Reason etc.

    I've had a quick look online and there appear to be some cropping up at in and around the £80 to £100 mark, but I haven't a baldy notion what I'm looking for really.

    Does anyone have any recommendations or advice on this?
  2. avatar EPK
    Anything with large keys and MIDI in and MIDI out...and preferably with velocity (and maybe aftertouch) sensitivity will done just fine. The Fatar range is good,the MIDITEC stuff cheaper but definitely useable and the old Cheetah stuff was handy. But really, anything that you can plug in via MIDI will do for learning on.
    I used a Peaavey DPM3 as a master because I liked the keyboard action, but it started playing up, so I'm now the proud owner of a Korg Triton Pro as my master now.
    It rocks somewhat largely.
  3. avatar Pete
    Hmmm, the Miditech stuff looks good to me.


    The Fatar stuff is maybe a bit out of my price range.

    I'm going to have to do a lot of reading into this MIDI malarky. 4 strings is normally the limit of my capabilities, nevermind all these keys, knobs and buttons
  4. avatar EPK
    Well, I occasionally run small intro sessions on MIDI usage when I get 3 or 4 interested bodies .
  5. avatar Pete
    well, consider that one person signed up!
  6. avatar feline1
    "And day now", the MIDI Manufacturers Association is apparently gonna release a new version of the MIDI Spec document,
    which will be nice,
    cos then I shall know all the facts in the werrrrrrrrrrrrrld.

    The best MIDI master keyboard in the history of the whole werrrrrrrrld was the Sequential Circuits Prophet T8.
    Dave Smith (who more or less invented MIDI) still uses it as his
    MIDI master keyboard today.

    Not only did it have 88 full-size wooden keys, and polyphonic
    aftertouch, it was velocity sensitive for both note ons AND note offs!
  7. avatar Pete
    Well, I've ordered a keyboard. Its a bit @#%$ I suppose, if you are actually a keyboard player, but I'm a clumsy bass player. Its cheap (£120 incl. delivery) and got a load of knobs for controlling soft synth stuff. Once I figure out how to set it all up and then understand what they all do...


  8. avatar Suki Monster
    Yeah the evolution stuff is great for the price.I have one of the older models of that range and it does the trick.Although after borrowing my mates Korg triton i wont even look at it at the moment.Anyone want to lend me a few grand?
  9. avatar EPK
    No...but I'll send ya a photo of my Triton Pro if you want....
  10. avatar Niall Harden
    i love this forum. other people's questions are handy.

    not that we're looking for a master keyboard.
  11. avatar glzebub of four star
    not even a master OF keyboards?
  12. avatar Daithi jasper
    I still use a wee evolution keyboard for all my MIDI stuff. It does the business and it was only like £20. It hasn't full size keys or anything, but very good for starting on. Which I did so I suppose I should really buy something more adult now... that or a really decent separates hi-fi... oh Christmas bonus why must you torment me... or a decent electro-acoustic... @#%$...
  13. avatar Suki Monster
    Cheers eamonn a photo would be nice but i would prefer a few grand :)
    .I bought my self
    this bad boy today to use with reason.[img]http://www.digitalvillage.co.uk/images/5/midiman_radium.jpg[/img] .Although my main reason for buying it was that its silver and will look lovely when i get my triton rack, :)
  14. avatar w00fie
    I got a Studiologic sl880 master keyboard.
    they're really cheap & nice & big 2.
  15. avatar Pete
    God, the new "on this day" feature is class isn't it?

    Four years on from the original post, I've now got a Keystation Pro 88 and a Korg Microkontrol.

    My keyboard skill still leave a lot to be desired however! :lol:
  16. avatar feline1
    I since have acquired a Kurzweil MIDIBoard as my FelineHQ MIDI master keyboard - it has polyphonic aftertouch and Note Off Velocity, yeeeeeeeooooooo!

    It is f*cking heavy though - I was thinking of getting one of those CME ones for gigs...
  17. avatar w00fie
    oops, just noticed its an old link.
    I shud really read what i'm clickin in future.
  18. avatar blackdog
    Hey Pete, how's it going?! I'm looking the same for our studio - but people (in my experience) have been looking full range weighted or semi weighted keys. Am considering the m-audio stuff, keystation 88...

  19. avatar Pete
    As I said, I have the Keystation 88 myself Ricky. I like it, anyone who plays keys as a secondary instrument tends to get on with it, but decent keyboard players tend to hate the action, too heavy aparently. And they claim the velocity curves just aren't quite right.

    It's also useless for monosynth stuff, you'd need semi-weighted or unweighted rather than fully weighted hammer action.

    If I was buying again I would consider the CME stuff and as well as a weighted controller for piano/rhodes/organ stuff I would also look at something like an M-Audio Axiom 49 for monosynth bass and melody lines.
  20. avatar Pete
    By the way, you're welcome to come and try it out for yourself before making a decision.
  21. avatar comprachio
    I really don't like weighted keys at all unless i'm playing piano parts.
  22. avatar feline1
    yeah this is the thing these days,
    all the "expensive" MIDI master keyboards like to sport "fully weighted hammer action wooden keys",
    which is really only good for piano-y sounds -
    I'd far prefer summat unweighted with polyphonic aftertouch,
    but NOBODY is currently manufacturing a board of keyness with poly aftertouch.
    It's ahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine