1. avatar Pete
    I have a 1973 Precision Bass that looks and plays like a dream except for a slight problem with the pickups.

    First of all, the output level is fairly low (to be expected I suppose) and there is also a noticeable difference in level across the four strings (bass strings are louder). This isn't really helped by adjusting the height and angle of the pickups. The use of a compressor in the signal path has helped to level things out a bit but I'm not totally happy with that solution

    So I've decided that a brand new pickup may be required. I don't want an all singing all dancing active one, I have a musicman stingray for that. Instead I want one that sounds, well, just like a classic p-bass pickup really.

    The actual sound I'm getting at the minute is fantastic, really warm and mellow with plenty of bottom end. I have a fear that modern pickups will sound more clinical and I'll lose the character of my now 30 year old instrument.

    Any thoughts or recommendations?? Edited by: morphsville at: 1/11/03 12:50:14 am
  2. avatar EPK
    The Dimarzio DP 127. It's a great replacement, gives more output but with the overall sonic contour of the Precision pickup...with a leetle more of both top and bottom added in, s you should still get your own sound but with more room to manoeuvre.
  3. avatar feline1
    What's wrong with the top strings being quieter anyways?
    Sure they're just there as spares :-)
  4. avatar Pete
    See, that may be true if I was merely a part of the rythmn section, but I'm an extension of the melodic part of the band, straying into the dusty end of the neck, sprinkling little bits of fairy dust here and there.

    I'll get me coat...