1. avatar Gavin McKay Fan
    Where would one get a good durable two-tier keyboard stand?

    The only ones that seem to be available in Belfast are those X stands with a £10 extention.
    I don't want one of those.

    And how much am I looking at to get such a device?

    Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. avatar EPK
    Yes, Ciaran, you'll need to look at the "Mainland".
    Buy a copy of Sound On Sound, and they carry the ads from all the makers of fine stands. Biggish bucks, tho.
  3. avatar Benjamin Braddock
    Thanks Eamonn.
  4. avatar EPK
    Actually, I'll get a few web addresses and mail ya...OK?
  5. avatar Benjamin Braddock
    Better still.
  6. avatar feline1
    I use "Quicklok" stands, which are rather expensive (like £100 or sthg, for a device which makes no noise! :-O ) but can stand having 60 kilos of clavinet and Jupiter 4 and stuff stacked on them, whilst ewe bash the keys very hard, and the stand barely shudders. They are also very modular and extendable.
    I currently have two of these, both Z-frame ones with a central cross-beam, and angle-armed 2nd tier extensions.
  7. avatar EPK
    They're probably best, as F1 says.
    The only other place to try is Turnkey [url]http://www.turnkey.co.uk[/url]
    That's mostly quiklok stuff too. Edited by: Eamonn P Keyes at: 1/2/03 7:16:51 pm