1. avatar Suki Monster
    Hi I need some info on good studio monitors for my home studio. I dont really want to spend too much at the moment but i want som,ething half decent before mixing
    the new suki album and hi-fi speakers just wont do, so what can I get for £200-£300?
  2. avatar EPK
    Hmm....You'll get some not bad stuff, but don't expect it to shift air or be really loud. Alesis Monitor 1 Mk2s will cost you around £200 (the actives are near £300), and the new Behringer Truth monitors are getting good reviews..just under £300. The Soundcraft Abolute 0 and Absolute 2s are worth a check as well.
  3. avatar Pete
    I'd recommend the Behringers. We have the Absolute 2 set, and they are ok but not brilliant. If we ever get the money we'll switch.

    More important is were you have them in the room and the size of the room. The control/mixing room in our studio is @#%$. We're constrained by the layout of the place though
  4. avatar no coffee no workee
    DynAudio BM5 nearfield monitors are the mutt's nuts.
    They might be slightly dearer £300 - £400, but you'll never need to buy another set.
    Unless you buy Genelecs...
    Their bass response is fantastic as is the stereo imaging.
  5. avatar Suki Monster
    Cheers I checked out the Bm5's and they seem to be the ones for me. They are going for £345 on digital village which seems like a bargin.
  6. avatar no coffee no workee
    Good choice.
    We used 5 of them for a surround mix and they was no audible difference between them.
    The only quirk I've ever read about them was a slight level drop at the xover point.
    If you have a sampler you can sweep a sine wave to find where the level drop is.
    1k, I believe.
    There's a great article in the Sound On Sound (sospubs.co.uk) website which compares studio monitors to hi-fi speakers which talks about this and the fantastically named 'waterfall effect'. To get the best out of the stereo imaging lie them on their sides with the tweeters on the outside.
  7. avatar andy CL14
    I'm more than happy with my Tannoy Reveal.
    2X Unpowered for lo budget £150 + P&P from [url="http://www.netzmarkt.de/thomann/thoiw2_artikel-128670.html"]thomann[/url], Germany.

    All their prices are usually very good. (£324 for DynAudio BM5) Edited by: andy CL14 at: 12/30/02 11:53:12 pm