1. avatar antojasper
    Wanting to have a good oul microphone for general use I immediately thought of the Shure SM58.

    But the man at Session says to me:
    "They have shifted production of the SM58 to Mexico and the quality of the mics has went right down the tubes"
    or words to that effect...

    He went on to recommend a mic by Sennheiser, which I have heard good things about elsewhere.
    But I haven't had any personal experience of it.

    So which is the best,
  2. avatar mintcf
    an e845 was it? Was there a big price difference? I hate to be cynical, but he may have been trying to make a bit 'o cash off ya. Having said that, the e845's not bad at all, although the sm58 is the top selling mic all over the place for a good reason.
  3. avatar mintcf
    Oh, what are you going to be using it for? sm58's are good vocal mics, but if you're planning on micing amps, drums etc. an sm57 might be a better bet.
  4. avatar antojasper
    No infact he offered it for 80 quid, which is the same as Matchetts are selling the SM58, but it also seems like a good price for the Sennheiser, n'est pas?

    But Session Claimed that they stopped stocking the SM58 after they found the latest lots of them to be of poorer quality.

    So there is a vested interest in plugging the Sennheiser, because they don't stock the Shure!

    Have they ever demonstrated such philanthropic quality control before?

    An SM58 is perfect for what I require but if the new batches are less good, is the Sennheiser a valid alternative?
  5. avatar mintcf
    I'd say for general use, go with the sm57 - however it might not be a crazy idea to rent 'em both for a day (if possible) and see which one you like better.
    It's the only way to be sure
  6. avatar antojasper
    m'I talkin' to meself here?

    Let's Try Again...

    Does anybody actually *know* if the more recent Shure Mics are of a poorer quality than the usual reliable standard? Edited by: antojasper at: 12/10/02 5:14:38 pm
  7. avatar EPK
    I haven't heard anything about a fall in standards.
    I know that they are made in the USA and Mexico, and everything is certified to ISO 2000 standard.
    I doubt that you'd have the same fall in standard from a purely electronic device that you'd have for something like a guitar in manufacturing standards in different countries.
  8. avatar antojasper
    But is the Sennheiser worth getting at that price?

    they usually go for about 120-130 noops.
  9. avatar EPK
    I know some vocalists who prefer the Sennheiser.
    Never had a chance to evaluate it, though.
  10. avatar no coffee no workee
    I bought two Sennheiser e845s from a dealer on eBay for £100 including delivery.
    Having tested them against a standard 58 and a Beta 58 their performance fell inbetween the two.
    Brighter than a 58 but lacking the presence of the Beta.
    They have a supercardiod pattern which has a tighter pickup pattern than the 58 but wider than the Beta.
    Also the bass tip isn't as pronounced as on either of the Shure models.
    I agree with Eamonn in that Shure would never let the standard fall for the 58, the reason for the gradual price drop is due to better production methods which cost less and the fact that they're made in Mexico means cheaper labour costs.
    No manufacturer is gonna let their product suffer esp when it's the world leader in sales.
  11. avatar Pete
    The sm58 is just the same as it has always been so the production is established and there are no r&d costs.

    Personally, for live vocals, I prefer the Sennheiser in that price range and I know a few people in the sound engineering profession who agree. The beta 58 is by far the best of the three but you pay for that.
  12. avatar Suki Monster
    I would go for the 58 as it is a great all round mic you can use it for most things and u could throw it off the wall and it wont break.
  13. avatar EPK
    Well, Jasey from Honey For Christ has disproved that several times.
  14. avatar Suki Monster
    Aye but he is a big strong mettaler sort. :)