1. avatar Future Real
    Can anyone help me out??? im looking too get myself a wee 8track to mess about with, i have a 4track at the minute and payed over £400 for it a while back but i want the option of more channels and tracks to play about with.

    Can anyone tell me how much it will cost me, or where is best to find 1??

    Anyone selling 1??

    Help me out please ;)
  2. avatar EPK
    Get Sound On Sound and look in the classifieds at the back.
  3. avatar Future Real
    Cheers ;)
    ill see what they have.
  4. avatar ClayPeterFace
    Get girl on girl and look in the classifieds at the back.

    meheheh imadeafunny
  5. avatar Future Real
    Thanks again Eamonn P Keyes found the site and its pretty good.

    [url="http://www.sospubs.co.uk/"]Sound On Sound[/url]
  6. avatar EPK
    No probs...:-)
    Actually...that is a stonking good buy n'sell section. Edited by: Eamonn P Keyes at: 11/14/02 2:02:28 pm
  7. avatar Future Real
    Only one problem, i cant really find anyone selling them in N.Ireland its mostly all in England. A well ill keep looking, Eamonn is it ok to give you the details when i find one that im thinking of buying? cos i dont know too much about them at the minute.
  8. avatar EPK
    Sure. However, I've bought stacks from England before without any real problems, including secondhand stuff.
  9. avatar Future Real
    Did you have to go over to collect it or did you get it sent over???

    Im talking to two different guys who are selling them, so ill see the what the craic is.
  10. avatar EPK
    I've just got them sent over, and paid for the postage.
    I got mixing desks,keyboards and strangely enough, an 8 track tape machine that way.
  11. avatar Future Real
    How much did the postage cost you??
  12. avatar EPK
    Depended on the size. Biggest...mixing desks and keyboards...were about £30
  13. avatar Future Real
    Nice one, £30 is'nt bad
  14. avatar Future Real
    OK Eamonn P Keyes I need your expert advice, I was looking for multitracker machines and I came across the Fostex VF 80

    For some reason my links wont work but heres the address and you can copy and paste it if you want.


    Edited by: Future Real at: 12/9/02 3:06:02 pm
  15. avatar EPK
    Mmm...EQ ain't the best, and effects are only available as masters. If I remembers, there may be a problem with noise from the hard drive. What price are we talking?
  16. avatar mintcf
    If you wanna go (or stay) analog, I think I saw a yamaha mt8x in the buy&sell for about £120. Only four tracks at once, but it sounds pretty decent, and hey, it's only £120.
  17. avatar EPK
    Staying analog, you'll probably pick up a Fostex R8 or Model 80 for less than 300 quid. Dolby C built in, but watch out for dodgy heads. Expensive beasts.
  18. avatar Future Real
    Well, almost everywhere i seen these VF80s they were about aleast £500 odd quid. But i have since found 1 for about £395.
  19. avatar zebulon
    I have a Tascam 488 for sale if someone wants to make me a reasonable offer.
    It hasn't seen much use at all, maybe about 25 hours total.
  20. avatar nonlogic liam
    what the hell is that, what is your mimium price and what does it record onto?
  21. avatar zebulon
    Find out all about it here: [url]http://www.homerecording.com/tas488.html[/url]

    It's an 8-track portastudio which records onto ordinary cassettes.
    I don't know how much it's worth so I don't know how much to ask for.
    I'm thinking probably £150. Edited by: zebulon at: 12/10/02 3:51:56 pm
  22. avatar nonlogic liam
    ok dude ill talk to you about it on tuesday nite at bandjax dont sell it until then.
  23. avatar zebulon
    Yer on.
  24. avatar nonlogic liam
    sorry there, i totally forgot about the 8 track due to chemical reasons. but i would like to see the afore mention time device after christmas of you havnt already sold it.