1. avatar Dirty Stevie Grizz
    yeah - i saw them advertised in music magazine. Drumsticks made out of carbontypeshite or something.

    Apparently they have the same feel as wooden ones but are better than wooden sticks, cos they last a whole pile longer, and don't give you as many blisters, but has anyone any experience using them or heard anything about them?

    Peronally, as an old romantic, i like nothing better than getting a splinter of wood in the eyeball during a gig, and having crippling blisters after practice, so am sceptical of these, which look like they belong in a [b]Tomy - My First Drumkit[/b] set

  2. avatar mikey fusz
    Seen it meself on some site

    "New Carbosticks last a lot longer"

    A new drum stick, designed and made by the German inventor and industrialist Peter Kuppers, is set to have a major impact on the drum stick market. Carbostick, made from a unique, patented carbon fibre compound, evolved from a precise study of the characteristics of wooden drum sticks to reproduce their feel, sound, control, speed, weight and balance and to give drummers some important additional benefits.

    They are, for example, up to eight times as durable as wooden sticks, although they will break before damage is done to cymbals, drum heads or rims. Premium weight lasts 8 times longer than wood sticks, Medium 3 to 4 times longer and Light lasts about the same, so drummers who break sticks regularly should choose Premium weight Carbosticks.

    A Carbostick doesn’t bruise, split, crack or splinter like wood so it retains the original strength and ‘newness’ until breaking point. It is 25 times more resistant to cymbal and rim-shot cuts and dents so there is no deterioration in the quality of the sticks over their life span.

    The sticks have uniform dimensions, are all perfectly straight and a pair is matched to within one gramme weight of each other. A drummer can drop a Carbostick, grab another and be sure of a matched pair.

    Drummers need have no more slippery sticks as Carbosticks absorb sweat, giving greater grip right through the gig. Dampness can be seen to disappear from a Carbostick that has been moistened.

    Apparently only 13 bucks too!!
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  3. avatar Dirty Stevie Grizz
    Fukk Dat!

    I prefer the old analogue sticks
  4. avatar EPK
    Yes, yew wood.
  5. avatar antojasper
    Are they like made out of Potatoes and Pasta and stuff.