1. avatar nonlogic liam
    well people its that time of year again, when ones thoughts tend towards buying things. thus in a last bid attempt to get an extra super chrismas pressy from me ole pair, can any one give me a quote/ or has any one got one for sale- or no where i mite go to get an averaged priced one (e.g. £300) also any one going to the front page tonite, its gonna be mental.......... Edited by: nonlogic liam at: 10/28/02 4:21:05 pm
  2. avatar nonlogic liam
    answer you fiends answer r ill, ill -blow up balloons
  3. avatar EPK
    It's not clear Liam. Is it an 8 Track, a minidisc, or a tape machine...or all three..or any one of either?
  4. avatar nonlogic liam
    oh sorry there eammon. what i want is a combined 8 track that has an inbuilt master section and faders and stuff( mini disc perferable). is that clear, i dont know im a retard when it comes to technical things. someone help me out
  5. avatar Pete
    I wouldn't get one with a minidisc recorder, they aren't meant to be the best. I would get one with a HD recorder then you can always connect it up to a minidisc deck to master down. Or a computer.

    Just my two cents.
  6. avatar nonlogic liam
    do you now how much that would be new/second hand?
  7. avatar no coffee no workee
    the computer is probably the best idea.
    Spend the money on a decent soundcard and download the necessary recording/editing package for free. (Protools free for instance).
    Minidiscs use data compression to get all that info onto the disk and decide which bits of your carefully recorded music to throw away. Like MP3s. Up to 80% in some instances, apparently.
  8. avatar feline1
    This should be on the equipment forum!

    Is it any wonder Fastfude is killing NornIrish music.
  9. avatar antojasper
    I think this is a good place for a brief rant about the "Hidden Costs of Recording"

    When you buy a cheapo 4-track, like I did, #they# don't tell you you need also a good tape deck with a stereo phono input, to mix down the final tape.

    Or that unless you have a really good mike the result is @#%$.

    Or that the Mini-discs for the "Mini-disc" Recorders are *special* and cost a bomb

    Or that the Pos II tapes are dear as hell.

    Or that DAT tapes cost a f##king fortune

    Neither do they tell you when you buy a computer about needed this lead, or that, or a MIDI controller.

    The END result of all this additional expense is that when you get the figure in your head about
    how much the 4-track/8-track costs, you have to at least double that figure before you get a recording that actually sounds better that the one you got with the old tape recorder in your Ma's Kitchen.

    Edited by: antojasper at: 11/5/02 2:03:48 pm
  10. avatar Future Real
    How much could i pick up a wee 8 track machine for?? i have a wee four track but want to get some more channels to mess around wa. Any one tell me wheres my best bet to buy one??
  11. avatar nonlogic liam
    went down to machetts music and tughan crane music last week and the cheapest 8 track they had cost something like £500-700. I give up.
  12. avatar EPK
    Use your PC, if you want cheap.