1. avatar Dutch Harley
    I want to get back into putting some song ideas down on my PC but was really put off before trying to get decent drum loops created with the software I have. Drag and Drop Drummer Lite gives some ok loops but only in tempos of 95, 100 and 105 so it kind of limits what I could do with it. I've recently downloaded Fruityloops 3 but with the small amount of time I've messed around with it the drum sounds seem to lack the "rock" sound I'm looking for. Am I just doing something wrong with it or is there a better piece of software for knocking drum loops together with. Failing that should I just go and buy a drum machine for my home recording?
  2. avatar Skapocalyptic
    I've tried a few drum machine programs and well, not been fond of any of them truthfully, mainly because i'm terrible when it comes to putting stuff together, but like you said, it's hard to get certain sounds, i've not tried all of the programs on this site


    but maybe you'll find something that works for you, as for fruityloops i have 3.4 and there seems to be quite a few kits on it. the 'realistic' one isn't that bad, but you can mix and match a few kits and see what comes of it, hope the link is of some use

    *edit : you might have to sift through that site a little as there isn't a specific drum section but there is a few programs in there somewhere

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  3. avatar ClayPeterFace
    with fruityloops (and most software drum machines around these days) you can import your own samples... so if you want a real sound it will help a lot if you get your hands on some real drum samples.

    a bit of reverb on the snare always gives drums a more live sound, too.