1. avatar richard belding
    I am considering buying a Danelectro Fab-Tone guitar pedal for use with my bass guitar, which is an Epiphone Viola and the tone-iest bass in the world (maybe). Normally, i imagine, it would be preposterous to use a guitar effects pedal with a bass. However, my bass is very light and very tone-y, and i think a Fabtone woudld produce a lovely distortion effect with it.

    If i wanted to test the pedal out could i take my bass into matchetts / marcus etc and just ask to play with it for a bit? Or would they not allow me because i would be playing a bass through a guitar pedal?

    Also, does anyone think this bass/guitar pedal combination is a bit silly?

    I don't really know too much about these matters so i would be grateful for any advice.


    Viola Bass:
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  2. avatar zebulon
    Bring your bass to the shop, ask to play the pedal through an amp.
    Make sure to choose and amp similar to your own or you won't get a representative idea of what it'll actually sound like when you get it home.

    Do be prepared for a few funny looks and maybe a snigger at you bringing your own guitar with you, but ignore it, it's a well know fact that those blokes in music shops have little else to do with their time.
    Apart from playing the most expensive equipment in the shop when you'd like to buy some strings please.
  3. avatar Niall Harden
    i have a fabtone.
    we tried using it for bass distortion.
    it was sh*t.

    go rat!
  4. avatar richard belding
    i think a rat would be far too rock for my poofy wee bass. y'see, it's hardly a bass at all. more of a guitar with bass strings. it's hard to explain. it just isn't very bass-like, and that's why i think a fab-tone would make a good choice.

    i'm going to go down the town next week and see if i can try one out.
  5. avatar EPK
    Zeb's suggestion's right. Try it out.
    Guitar FX are made mainly for guitar freq. ranges, which differ considerably from bass ones. Hence, although it may work fine, it mightn't work at nearly it's best with a bass.
  6. avatar Niall Harden
    see also fabtone..

    marshall guv'nor is on our bass theses days,
    it's pretty gooooooood.
  7. avatar edna welthorpe
    kinda on the same subject. i want a mutronesque effect for
    my bass. whats a half decent cheap auto wah?
  8. avatar zebulon
    You can pick up a 2nd hand DOD Envelope Filter for about £40.
    They do need an extra EQ though, to match volume levels.
  9. avatar Niall Harden
    and on that note, you can buy mine.
  10. avatar edna welthorpe
    yes please! how much do you want for it niall?
  11. avatar edna welthorpe
    oh yeah if you want to email me could you use
    all my other emails
    are deadish i think, thanks very much!
  12. avatar richard belding
    anyway, i got a fabtone in the end, and it makes my bass sound ferocious. i also tired it with a thunderbird bass, and it sounds equally brilliant. so there.