1. avatar REALelectricNo9
    you know instead of the hell of tangled leads, tripping over leads, pulling out leads... having leads so short you have to stand next to a PA...

    the box transmittors so you can have a bit of movement..

    does anyone have any experience with these a tall... or any do's and don'ts

    more as a general wondering than serious consideration into buying one..
  2. avatar Riffmaster Steve
    Buy the best you can afford... and if you can't afford a [b]good[/b] one, don't bother.

  3. avatar REALelectricNo9
    do you urself have one outta interest.....

    advice kindly noted
  4. avatar Riffmaster Steve
    I do indeed... a Beyer Dynamic S40 (think that's the right model)... it's a dual diversity one, and when I used it with my Digitech RP12 through a power amp it was absolutely dead on... but once I switched to using just a big valve head with no noise gate, you realise that you really do need something high-end.

    I'm selling the S40 if you're interested.

    £100 ono probably.

  5. avatar glzebub of four star
    mr. r.master, is there a discerable difference with wireless units as opposed to a good lead? does it just make jumping around mid-riff much easier?
  6. avatar REALelectricNo9
    erm... i would buy it off you no problem only I'm kinda off the idea now.. well for the minute. and i got little cash.

    i don't *really* need one, I do have nightmares about standing on my lead and pulling it out though, throwing the pick on the floor is another good one.... but I'm at a loose end for a band now so I'll pick that up again when I need one.
  7. avatar ClayPeterFace
    just loop your lead through where the strap attaches to the bottom of the guitar..... i didn't explain that well, but you know what I mean.... problem solved!
  8. avatar REALelectricNo9
    yea i started doing that a while back... usually works.

    its can still come out of the amp tho if you walk to far... ill not worry but i tend to make commical accidents like this.
  9. avatar Riffmaster Steve
    There's pros and cons...

    1. Hugely decreased chance of electrocution. Pretty big pro, if you ask me.
    2. Freedom to go anywhere on stage (and beyond) without worrying about pulling out your cable, pulling your amp over, knocking over cymbal stands, garroting your vocalist etc etc.
    3. It looks cool.
    4. If you buy decent cables anyways (£50 for 21ft Monster Cable), it's not a huge leap to go for an intermediate level wireless... like the one I have for sale.

    1. High-end stuff is prohibitively expensive.
    2. Signal degradation & noise... when they're setup just right, you'll not notice anything when you're actually playing, but if you don't have a noise gate, you'll probably notice it when you stop.
    3. Another 9volt battery to worry about.

  10. avatar feline1
    Aye - cheap wireless things can be completely ahine -
    I had wireless mics going spazzattack on me at a conference
    recently, the air-conditioning motors seemed to be interfering with them!! Nightmare! Kept plunking in and out.

    However, feline2 got through 3 XLR leads for his headset mic
    on the Liturgy of the Werd tour, having him 'wireless' might
    be a good idea!