1. avatar feline1
    Yes but y'all,
    Earlier this year I finally replaced the bass guitar I got at the age of 16 in Matchetts wot only cost about £70 or sthg,
    with a prapper Rickenbacker 4003 one, just like Lemmy's (?!)

    Which was nice.

    it has two pickups on it,
    and one of the "features" is that ewe can take their signals
    out of the bass guitar separately, for a "stereo" effect
    (if ewe panned them - although actually I was planning
    on fuzzin' one, and leaving the other clunking, not panning them...)

    This "stereo" signal comes out of an perfectly ordinary
    TRS jack socket (ie a "stereo" one),
    and ewe might think ewe could just plug in a "Y" lead
    (stereo jack > two mono jacks) and werk it that way.

    However, the Rickenbakker documentation says "oh no y'all,
    don't do that - use our special "Rick-O-Sound" splitter
    box, cos otherwise ewe could get degradation in noise &
    treble response.

    So I ordered one of these wee splitter boxes,
    had to wait SEVEN MONTHS for it to be imported from the USA,
    it cost £78 bloody quid (more than my original bass guitar! hah!)
    .....and I opened it up, and there was NO CIRCUITRY INSIDE IT
    WHATSOEVER - nat even a bit of passive impedance matching
    shenanigans or sthg!!!!!
    What a frikkin rip off!
    I could've just gotten a decent Y-lead for £15 or so,
    rather than wait all that time and pay about 5 times as much.

  2. avatar Riffmaster Steve
    And in those 7 months you never ever thought to try a Y-cable out, just out of interest?

    Hmmm... that'll learn ye.

  3. avatar EPK
    Yes, talk-all-about-it-but-don't -experiment -with -it middle class poof. I'd have just tried a y lead and plugged it into the mains, like.
  4. avatar feline1
    Well (a) I trusted Rickenbackkker Inc. not to tell such blatent marketing lies!
    (b) I couldn't have done a cross-comparison between a Y-lead and their adaptor in the 7 months whilst I waiting for their adaptor, cos I didn't, er, have their adaptor.
    (c) I'll begrudgingly conceed the at least the splitter box is sturdy and won't break like a Y-lead might if I tripped over it.
  5. avatar Niall Harden
    have you contacted them to say "wha?" yet?
  6. avatar Pete
    Aye, I reckon Niall's right, contact them and give them a bollocking, they might even send you some free stuff to keep you quiet... where's Esther Ransen when you need her??

    Maybe while they're at it they might send you a decent sounding bass... no wait, its Rickenbacker

    (I suppose the Ricky sound is ok every now and again)
  7. avatar feline1
    Well it's certainly better than my "Ninja Lone Wolf Made in Korea" sound! :-)
  8. avatar die the flu
  9. avatar feline1
    I emailed Rickkenbackkker to moan about this.

    Haven't got a reply!

  10. avatar Pete
    they never do, I've emailed Ashdown to try and get a dust cover for my amp and cab on numerous occasions and they ignore me...

    but they do make exceedingly good amps. Kind of like Mr Kipling only with speakers and circuit boards and stuff....
  11. avatar Niall Harden
    not really, cos i emailed Mr Kipling once about finding a hair in an apple pie and he was very apologetic. sort of.
  12. avatar feline1
    One of these days I need to get "a good bass amp"
    With two channels
    And valves.
  13. avatar EPK
    You'll need a heap of cash, young Feline.
    Apart from that, Mr. Kipling's stuff is nauseating.
  14. avatar feline1
    Maybe I would be better just getting valve pre-amp rackmout thang and then speaker cabs could be attached to it in due course, but in the meantime it could DI to the PA.....

    It's just at the moment, by Rickenbackkker is just plugged straight in to a line-input on my wee 'Etek' submixer, which sounds ballex! :-O
  15. avatar EPK
    A Basspod's the answer.
    I know that they're awful, etc, but I'm still unfortunately still getting amazing sounds out of the thing despite the fact that F1 thinks they're crap. I dunno what it is I'm doing. As currently witnessed on the new Aftermath CD particularly...and with a mettle pokeyoureyeout bass.
  16. avatar feline1
    I heard I'd mostly just be playing synthbass anyways ;-)
  17. avatar we love records
    Well I thought about getting a rickernbacker but instead I got my lovely new Fender Mustang bass in Candy apple red with white competition stripes in the post today.
    It is lovely.

    I have plugged it in to my ampeg svt and it sounds amazing... not entirely dissimilar to my jazz bass and it's so easy to play what with it's short scale.

    David; you want to be getting yourself a good valve amp... i very much reccommend ampeg... try a VB4 head with a 4x10 HLF cabinet... I'm sure that would sound amazing!


  18. avatar EPK
    He'd have to live in a tent and eat grass for a year.
  19. avatar Pete
    I would second the bass pod approach. It isn't the most *valid* of solutions, and its nice to have a big (heavy) valve amp and monster cab but that costs at lot and needs two extra slaves to carry your gear around! Plus it does sound excellent

    If things are going well, I am thinking about upgrading my amp at some point in the 6 to 12 months. I have the inclination to go down the road of getting Ashdown power amps and cabs and using the Bass Pod pro as a preamp. Its either that or a big SWR rig or something!
  20. avatar feline1

    And a Fender Twin Reverb for my clavinet.

    And a new transit vawn.

    And a mellotron.

  21. avatar we love records

    Ampeg would be a good choice.
    As would the Fender Twin.

    Don't let the fact that an Ampeg SVT head is heavier than the Fender Twin put you off... even with all the weight they are definately worth it!


  22. avatar Pete
    Never really seen/heard the attraction of the Ampeg route to be honest. Despite the fact that so many classic tunes and bands have been recorded and gigged with them...

    The Fender Twin is the bees knees however.
  23. avatar REALelectricNo9
    feline... does the buying of a new transit vawn mean the selling of an old transit vawn?
  24. avatar feline1
    I managed to get £1600's werth of repairs done
    on my old K-reg vawn for £244,
    so it is staying on da road for another year!!!! :0)