1. avatar REALelectricNo9
    hi yeah I used to be able to input stuff through the mic jack in cpu, for some reason it don't work anymore.
    I've tried sound recorder and Nero Wave Editor.

    Does anyone know any good software for doing this?
    And also any software that's good for cleaning up the file afterwards.

    I'm doing it from either a multi-track or a standard tape recorder.
    Also tried a microphone to no great effect.

    Any help greatly appreciated. Edited by: REALelectricNo9 at: 11/14/02 6:49:34 pm
  2. avatar REALelectricNo9
    actually i come to the conclusion that it's just a problem with my sound card driver... have to sort it.

    Tho the tape -> computer thing would be a good FAQ if it aint already there.
    I'm not smart enuff to write up one or anythin. But sure.
  3. avatar Pete
    You'd have to let us know a lot more about your setup, and this should really have gone in the equipment forum.

    But for what its worth, I use Soundforge for recording in samples from minidisc or whatever, then use the tools to edit, normalise and EQ the wave. There's probably something better but it works so its good enough for me!
  4. avatar REALelectricNo9
    I guess it shoulda gone in equipment... sorry bout that.

    Thanx for the recommendation, needa sort my soundcard driver out though first.

    Thanks again.

    edit: thanks whoever moved this here.... and 'pologies for it bein in forum in first place. Edited by: REALelectricNo9 at: 11/14/02 9:35:04 pm
  5. avatar EPK
    Best software's Cool Edit Pro.
    A lifesaver for any digital audio editing, with capability for DX plugins...and a four track recorder inbuilt too.
  6. avatar REALelectricNo9
    aye i heard bout that before.. i was stickin with the equipment for that, and bit of cubase.. but i'll give it a go now.
    got that sound card prob sorted i think... tapes are saved anyway.

    thanx fer all your help.
  7. avatar Skapocalyptic
    My first post!
    I know this is probably a stupid thing to say, as I am aware that not all soundcards have more than a mic input, however, check anyway for 'line in' generally when I've used the mic input to record direct (using cool edit 1.2a) I get a rather large loss of quality and some serious overdrive, the 'line in' is alot clearer I however do not know why as i'm rather uneducated, All I know is, it works lol, even if you do have one, i'd still splash out for a decent soundcard* anyways, but worth a mention (just incase)


    * edit to correct spelling Edited by: Skapocalyptic at: 11/20/02 11:20:07 pm
  8. avatar EPK
    There's a big difference in input sensitivity between the two,and the low input voltage of a mic input means that a boost of up to 20db is needed and the loss of quality is due to the resulting degradation of signal to noise ratio.
    Line in should always be used, unless you're actually using a microphone.
    With soundcards, you get what you pay for, by and large.
    I've bought two excellent ones in the last two years, but at a totally unbelievable cost of £1200.
  9. avatar Skapocalyptic
    And now i know
    Actually while we're on the subject of this home recording malarky harmony central have a few decent downloads, alot of crap to sift through but there might be some useful programs for someone in here