1. avatar ClayPeterFace
    S i want to buy new pickups for my epiphone SG, something that will give a good punchy rhythm sound, with quite a high output for feedback type shenanigans, any suggestions?

    And where can i get them online, so i don't have to do too much walking....
  2. avatar Suki Monster
    www.coda-music.co.uk I use the pearly gates plus by seymour duncan and its friggin excellent.Although its a custom shop pick up you can still buy the standard pearly gates which is also super. Although if u want more gain go for the jb humbucker.
  3. avatar ClayPeterFace
    Thank you muchly, kind sir. I'm assuming repalcing a pickupis just a matter of ripping outthe old one and soldering the wires onto the new one... or is it more complicated than this??
  4. avatar Riffmaster Steve
    It can be, as SD pickups have four wires (five, if you include the shield) coming out of them, as opposed to the two (or three) that your current pickups have.

    But fear not, the Seymour Duncan website has wiring diagrams for just about every pickup/control configuration you can imagine.

    If you get stuck, any local guitar shop will fire a pickup in for about £20.

  5. avatar no coffee no workee
    EMG 81's are great rhythm pickups.
    They're active humbuckers (require a battery) but the o/put from them is worth the occasional battery replacement.
    They have a presence peak at about 4KHz for that bite, are even tonally across all the strings, and are to be found in top-end ESP guitars.
    James Hetfield uses them to help get that tight sound he requires. Also, EMG provide all the parts you need to install them, including new volume/tone pots, all the wires, and a comprehensive 'how to install them' tech sheet.
    They are pricey, £60, but well, well worth it. Edited by: no coffee no workee at: 10/9/02 7:58:07 pm
  6. avatar ClayPeterFace
    I would assume that fitting an active pickup is however, slightly more difficult than putting in a passive one, where does the battery go, par example?
  7. avatar Riffmaster Steve
    Depends on the guitar... if you've room in the control cavity, you can just tape it down in there, or buy a wee holder and screw that inside. Failing that, it's time to make a cavity... probably not smart to try this yerself, if you're anything like me... (although saying that, I did install a humbucker in a Strat one time, using only a hacksaw blade and a swiss army knife.)

    The topic of active pickups is much-discussed on the interweb, and the arguments for and against can be found easily all over the show... for example:

    The one thing to remember with EMGs is that you have to have some EQ going, as they won't sound like a DiMarzio or Duncan or other passive pickup that has a definite "voice" - EMGs have a near flat response, so you have to compensate for the lack of "character" with EQ.
    The reason they are loved in the studio is not because they are quiet, but because they are tonally versatile - all guitars sound alike with EMGs, and the engineer can create any specific voice for the guitar that he wants with EQ.

    Pulled off JCFOnline.com...

  8. avatar ClayPeterFace
    very helpful, cheers, i think i'll go for the SD JB in the bridge and decide what i want for the neck when i've got the cash.
  9. avatar Riffmaster Steve
    Good choice... all my KingV's have JBs all round... even have a spare one sitting here... great pickups.

    Steve. Edited by: Riffmaster Steve at: 10/14/02 11:55:21 am
  10. avatar glzebub of four star
    i use a duncan sh-5 duncan custom in the bridge of epi lp std....oh you went for the jb. oh well. but for the neck i use a duncan alnico pro-2(neck). yes it's used in the gibson slash signature guitar but a better sounding neck pickup you would do very well to find, clean-superb, and the intro lick to sweet child o' mine eminates from this one! what more could you want?
  11. avatar ClayPeterFace
    sweet child o' mine alone has sold me on it.
  12. avatar Riffmaster Steve
    I don't think Slash actually used that pickup on the guitar he recorded SCOM with though...

  13. avatar glzebub of four star
    you utter dream-smasher!
    the boyz at soho soundhouse london are all liars to a man!!

    dammit, i suppose a more realistic statement would have been, "it's the pickup slash uses to play SCOM in his nu-rock band Slash's Snakepit!"
    mmmm doesn't do it for me quite as much.