1. avatar Niall Harden
    as part of my Crackdown On Signal Noise campaign (aided by my recent Student Loan campaign) i've bought two posh geetar leads. they helped.... a bit. next on the list is a regulated power supply.. does this sound ok?

    The DC8-DPR is a regulated version of the DC-8DP, specifically for use with guitar footpedals, radio mic transmitters, and some outboard equipment needing a 9v regulated DC supply. It will, of course, also power keyboards. Eight 3 metre DC to DC leads are included with each model.

    Price £88.71(€140,41) Including VAT at 17.5%

    (i'm sure it doesn't really mean three metres tho!)

    eventually i'll be on the lookout for a better amp as well,
    one with valves, and less noise, and two speakers..
  2. avatar ClayPeterFace
    that might help a bit, but i would imagine the main source of your noise is the million effects pedals that u mentioned in another thread, as each effects unit will create a little bit of noise.
    How about putting the lesser used ones, e.g. the modulation type ones on the effects loop of your amp, and put distortion/compression type ones between your guitar and the input.
    That way, when you're not using the fx loop ones, they won't be turning your signal into soup.
  3. avatar Vikesha Stanislaus
    I agree with clay here, Niall.
    YOu should cut out all the effects, buy an amp with 2 channels and play that.

    If you want all those effects, buy a digital amp.
    More pedals = less tone.
  4. avatar Niall Harden
    but more fun :-)

    i might just get a gate.
    who needs sustain anyway?
  5. avatar no coffee no workee
    the signal noise'll still be there when you're playing and the gate's open.
    Valves will also add to the noise.
    get a snazzy pedal board instead.
  6. avatar Suki Monster
    How much noise are we talking exactly niall?
  7. avatar Pete
    valves might add to the noise, but they do it in a good way!! The power supply would be a useful addition anyway. But not essential and probably won't have any real affect on your sound in a live situation.

    Having read the original post again, I reckon a lot of
    noise probably comes from the guitar pickups themselves, being single coil... maybe an upgrade there?? We have a strat with fender's own "noiseless" single coil pickups. No hiss, but they are a bit glassy in their tone (which is why god made the Les Paul). I'm just a humble bass player, but I'm sure someone could recommend some good beefy replacements.

    Also, if you are going to use a compressor I would do so infront of the amp rather than in the effects loop. But that rules the composer out.
  8. avatar Niall Harden
    och, the single coils *don't help* but i did upgrade them,
    and i like single coil sound anyway..

    i really don't know what the main source of noise is,
    it must be a combination of everything but it really is intrusive..
  9. avatar ClayPeterFace
    you're not going to like this suggestion, i can tell, but!

    i would advise u to sell yer pedals (keep a couple that you realllly like) and get a boss gt-6. I've got one, and it's bloody good, the COSM distortions and wahs are very very realistic, plus it has a whole load of really weird effects to play with, feedbacker, guitar synf, humaniser, envelope filter AND an fx loop so you can incorporate a couple of yer exisitng pedals. You can also arrange the internal effects in any order you want, and the digital output and speaker/mic simulator make it good for recording.

    I use this, an electro-harmonix q-tron, and my amp, and I can make my guitar sound like anything, (including a guitar, which is useful)

    Boss better give me a job now.
  10. avatar Niall Harden
    i HATE multieffectses.
    hate them.

    and this is having tried quite a few.
  11. avatar ClayPeterFace
    so did i, then i tried the gt-6. it's not a slab of digitech or zoom plastic, i assure you.
  12. avatar Niall Harden
    i have to say, i've never tried a GT-6, and it does look pretty cool..

    but no
  13. avatar Pete
    I'm with you, multifx boards really are a bit naff. To me they are handy if you are playing rock covers in a bar every saturday and can't be arsed with anything else.

    I reckon those Danelectros might be a big source of noise in particular, and in my experience zoom units are always noisey. I would also drop one of the overdrive/distortion pedals. Whats the drive channel on the huges and kettner like?? If its not good enough then it might be a good idea to put the EQ pedal before the remaining distortion box(es) and set the output level higher then you could drive them a little higher, using the compressor to smooth things out before the amp stage
  14. avatar ClayPeterFace
    I would have agreed with you morphsville, the distortions in particular on multifx units have always sounded a bit @#%$, but you should reserve judgement on the gt6 until you've played one.

    tho a load of effects pedals do look cooler on stage... but then music isn't about looking good, i find sounding good slightly more important
  15. avatar Niall Harden
    it's really about blending the two ;-)
    the super overdrive is set to nicely breaking up with slight level boost, the rat is set to, well, rat, and the fuzz is set to kill. i *can* live without the rat, but i don't enjoy it!
    as for the Danos.. well the surf+turf was very cheap, we are expecting a TLA FAT1 soon and it may take over compression duties, and i could use the Morley Power Wah / Volume instead of the Dan-O-Wah, then i'd have a pleasing volume pedal, but the Dan-O has a really cool fuzz octave thing which really hurts yr ears
  16. avatar Pete
    I have played with guitarists who use the gt6 so I know what its capable of. But while it does sound very good it is fairly limited in possibilities. There is noy much past the presets.

    With all the different effects you can just knock things on off as you please and play with all the knobs. Even while playing! Its always interesting to just get a load of feedback going then mess with the settings on different modulation type pedals!!

    Plus there's the tap-dancing guitarist show as well
  17. avatar feline1
    Niall, I believe I have one of those power supplies ewe mention -
    it's by "MTR" [url]http://www.mtraudio.com[/url] , am I right?

    Weighs about 3 kilos due to its BIG quality transformer.
    Great stuff.
    Oh, and the dc power leads ARE 3 metres long!!!!
    Ewe may want to replace these with shorter ones if ewe
    don't need them to reach that far, as they will act like aeriels
    for RFI (radio frequency interference) - either that, or wrap
    them rahnd a ferrite toroid at each end - ewe can get ferrite rings
    for about £1.50 each at [url]http://www.maplin.co.uk[/url]

    I run all the FX in my rig (noise gate, phaser, reverb, overdrive,
    digital delay, metal werker, stereo chorus, flanger, Big Cheese fuzz...) and my clavinet all off it.
    Instead of the standard "kettle lead" to connect the thing to the mains, I used a "Yello" RFI-cancelling power chord from [url]http://www.russandrews.com[/url]

    This & the MTR give me a MUCH more stable 9volts dc supply,
    with hardly any nasty ripples and RFI noise on it,
    which does significantly reduce the noisiness of the metal werker pedal in particular.

    (the metal werker is there solely for my bass pedals to go through -
    it's a hellishly cheap and nasty distortion, but makes the pedals sound superb when ewe play resonant filter sounds through it - ewe get mental pseudo-sync stuff - eg the "pseow" noise what can be heard near the end of our LITTLE PITBULL...
    ....with a normal 9v supply, with the metal werker just turned on, ewe quite literally used to get noise which was as loud as the bass pedals themselves!! ..... using this cleaned up power supply, have HUGELY reduced the noise the metal worker makes.

    (NB - the fact that the metal worker made so much noise in the first place is probably due to dodgy circuit design - don't automatically expect similar results with other pedals.....
    ....but a high quality 9volt supply like the MTR is indeed a very good idea, I'd say.
    Also pay careful attention to:

    - quality of all your audio connecting leads - for unbalanced lines (ie, ordinary jack leads), ewe want these to be as short as possible. I got some made up by [url]http://www.vdctrading.co.uk[/url]
    - state of the jack plugs and sockets on your pedals ... if these are tarnished, ewe will get an increase in distortion and more frequency losses (since the "tarnish" is a semiconducting oxide layer... use an electrical contact cleaner to clean them -
    I'd recommend a can of "De-Oxit" from [url]http://www.russandrews.com[/url]
    - it's only a tenner. Ewe just spray a TINY bit on the jack plug/socket, and work the jack plug in and out a few times - it dissolves the oxide and stops any more building up, so the wee electrons can hop across between the bits of metal and let all that Tetleys flavour flood out, or sthg.

    Ewe may think these things are esoteric mentalness,
    but they are just simply NAT.
    Indeed, if ewe have as many leads, powersupplies and sockets in a live rig as the Feline Dream do (well over a hundred), ewe find they are actually the DOMINANT factor in sound quality! ..... by using high quality cables & cleaning all the contacts, I got our stuff sounding less like Jodrell Bank and more like a hi-fi.
    Hurrah. Edited by: feline1 at: 10/14/02 9:11:25 am
  18. avatar EPK
    My headphone distro unit is by MTR.
    It's great.
  19. avatar feline1
    I also got one of their wee stereo passive DI boxes for Nick's Jupiter 4 (so I can lift the ground in its audio output, otherwise there'd be a nasty buzzin' earth loop...)

    Kinda a cheap'n'cheerful wee box (only specced up to 25kHz, which will not let some of the JP4's more fearsome sidebands through....) but still perfectly adequate, haven't had any problems with it.
  20. avatar Vikesha Stanislaus
    Ignore all these suggestions.

    What you need is to sell those pedals and your amp and buy something like a Marshall TSL or DSL or peavey Prowler amp, maybe a 5150 if you can afford it.
    Or something like a Peavey XXL ( I think thats what its called) which is a transtube amp, solid state but sounds pretty damn valvey.

    Maybe, if you like the old effects, get a digital amp like a line 6 spider or the amazing vetta!
    If i had the need for a gigging amp, i would go for the vetta.

    My current set up is a brand new Marshall MG15DFX.
    Solid state practice amp with a great tone!
    Nothing beats Marshall tone.

    I used to have a Gibson 30watt goldtone, good amp but way too loud for practice and only one channel.
    I used a zoom hyperlead pedal, good tone but not that practical as the amp didnt have an FX input which meant the signal was going through 2 preamps before it was coming outta the speakers.

    Just get an amp and put as little infront of it, sounding good is part of the battle.
    Even if you cant play for anything, but sound good ( like noel gallagher ) then youre ok, man!
  21. avatar feline1
    Aye ewe a wanker by any chance, Mr Stanisalouseisnotahome?
  22. avatar EPK
    To sound good, the most important bit is that fraction of a centimetre where the finger touches the strings and fretboard.
    That's where it all happens..tone,accuracy, sustain etc.
    Give the same setup to two players of different ability and hear the difference.
  23. avatar feline1
    Yes but
    to sound flanged,
    one needs a flanger.

  24. avatar EPK
    Yes, but once flanged, distorted, phased, delayed and distorted again, with the noise build up you may as well play it with your knob.
    Distortion's a given with rock guitar. A bit of flange, chorus, or delay gives a bit of atmos and musical colour.
    What more d'you need?
  25. avatar ClayPeterFace
    That's true y'know, one can get carried away with the use of effects. If you want your guitar to sound like a theremin, it's probably best to just buy a theremin. Being 'creative' with effects often makes your guitar sound like someone farting through soup, and stifles real creativity i.e. playing notes and stuff.

    But each to their own - your effects may sound brilliant! Edited by: ClayPeterFace at: 10/15/02 11:18:30 am
  26. avatar feline1
    if only SOnic Yoof and Robert Fripp and all the rest
    had just switched their effects off,

  27. avatar Niall Harden
    feline, yr posts on this page have been about the most helpful i have ever read.
    thank you very much.

    oh, and vikesha: no....
  28. avatar edna welthorpe
    i am effects nerd too! i have the adrian belew
    electronic guitar video, where he shows you how
    to make your guitar sound like an elephant!
    useful in any musical setting i find :p
  29. avatar feline1
    I have that King Crimson song, "Elephant Talk".

    It is completely ahien
  30. avatar edna welthorpe
    belew is the boy though,
    the hinterland!
    the hinterland!
    we're going to sail
    to the hinterland!!
  31. avatar Suki Monster
    The reason i got rid of my effects was the annoyance of setting all tha buggers up in a live situation.But since i got rid of them my tone has improved as has my playing.But if you do the sort of music that niall does where the effects are just as important as the playing i suppose it would be ludicrous to get rid of them?
  32. avatar Vikesha Stanislaus
    Yes feline.
    Its funny when if you mention something that someone disagrees with, they resort to name calling etc.

    Niall, can i hear some MP3s of your band?
    You obviously have a better idea of good tone than myself so I want to hear.
  33. avatar Niall Harden
    suki, i can't tell if that was cheeky or not, but it's true anyway :-)

    i liked yr fx madness when i saw Suki, but i didn't think it was particularly fitting.. vikesha, i'm not really worried about tone so much as sound, but [url="http://homepage.ntlworld.com/geoff.harden/anaconda.mp3"]this song features me playing my guitars[/url]

    edit: setting up *does* take bloody forever tho.. Edited by: Niall Harden at: 10/15/02 7:34:15 pm
  34. avatar glzebub of four star
    mr stanislaus, i am the resident iden green tone hound, and i sort of agree with you, it's just that niall here is a big kid. he got a line6 delay modeller and since that day has never been the same!
    he is sort of the effects-guy, i just use tube overdrive and delay now and then, i'm even thinking of getting rid of the flanger.
    niall provides our atmos. i provide yer more boring, quality guitar tones. moo ha ha! admit it niall, but we wouldn't have it any other way would we? we're not fcuking OCS!

    oh and niall, that morley wah/volume you are talking about thinking of using, would that be MY morley wah/volume or one that you have recently bought without telling me?
    i mean......... "yeah i'm liking the sound of my trace elliot C50 with my 80's fender jaguar (in tobacco with tortoiseshell p.guard!)"

    afro'd tosser!
  35. avatar Niall Harden
    well you're not bloody using it,
    and anyway, who owns the echomachine

    and don't say fcuk. ever. f**k is much more polite.